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28th Anniversary of Kobe Sai Center on 24ht August 2003, Sunday At I.S.S

Start with a prayer (Asato ma sat Gamaya)

My Dear Sai Family,  Sai Ram ,

Pranaams at the divine Lotus Of our Lord -- Bhagavan Sri Sathya sai Baba , And my Pranaams to all the divine lights that I see before  me, my Sai Brothers and Sisters

As I stand before you, in grateful appreciation of our Lord. And once again, to celebrate the auspicious occasion of the 28th anniversary of Kobe Sai center.

I am grateful to our Lord and all my colleagues, and The Japan Sai family, for giving me an opportunity to serve in the Sai's mission.

I am grateful to our loving mentors and divine guides, our respected Sri Indulal Shah and Brother Hira, who have helped us all, to achieve the impossible.

Due to the good work of all past and present office bearers, active and silent workers, and from a humble beginning, this Kobe center has today reached the Milestone of our 28th Anniversary.                   

Puttaparthi, the holiest of holy places on Earth, has been constantly giving Clarion calls to the world. And my first trip with my family to see our Lord in Puttaparthi was in 1964. Not knowing much about Swami, but only the burning desire to see our Lord.

It was an inner call and his magnetic pull, that took me from Japan to Puttaparthi, thousand miles away where we found our beloved Swami, who would lead us to the path, the path of enlightenment. It was a touching experience. And how we can describe His divine glory enveloping us in His flame of Love.  After our first interview with Swami, we were blessed to respond as we felt a strong urge to visit Swami again and again to quench our thirst whenever we got a chance. The Sai's charm was growing on us.

At the time of traveling…Journey from Bangalore to Puttaparthi was very difficult. From Bukkapatnam, we had to travel few kilometers by bullock cart on a mud road, full of pot-holes to reach Puttaparthi. The journey took us 10 hours to reach Puttaparthi. It was difficult and strange enough to pass these barren lands. As the roads were cut in many places and no light on road, except the light from the passing cars, rest was all darkness. The intense heat and fears of robbers who can appear in stance movement, blocking road by keeping trees at night in darkness, the driver told us. And every step of journey was full of Fears, but remembering Swami and praying Him for our safety.

Once we reached the vicinity of the divine valley, all the painful endurance of the hard journey, was soon forgotten, and Swami's blissful smile always echoed—A warm welcome by Prof Kasturi , I remember clearly, and  how Swami called us for our first interview. Keeping his arm around my shoulder, the blissful moment of His love, is printed in my heart forever.  

From that day onwards, my life completely changed---As I came into the AURIC FIELD  of our Lord Sai , And we somehow managed to form the First Bhajan Group in 1973… Only a handful of devotees, seekers of truth , and well-wishers , came together to become Sai Family. It was all His Will. Baba saw the need and graced us with the inception of this mandir to give shelter to his devotees under His umbrella of divine love.

We were like birds, coming out of our shells, Learning to fly..…And Our first efforts were, (like the birds were), very feeble and delicate.... but as the time went by, the grace of our Lord made us strong , and unshakable , and we were able to take off , by doing ,  SEVA , educational and culture activities to serve His Mission. 

But we learned a very Important lesson faith. “Faith have also comes, by actually venturing with courage, and eventually making the faith so strong, that it is LIKE a ROCK and unshakable. And once that is achieved, than , there is no looking back…We must all learn to live by FAITH.

The Sai Mission is moving now at a tremendous pace…And we all have to learn to do more….We must all combine our efforts in whatever capacity we can , and step right into our SAI work by helping our assigned Senior Brothers and Sisters, in accomplishing the task before us, with absolute faith and confidence and above all in Unity.

We must all remember, by getting involved in the work of our LORD'S Mission . We are in this way, getting an opportunity to bring about our own transformation.

When I look back at my life, I see how fortunate I am , that I have Sai with me , for all these years….The Avatar has come in Human form to be with us, and relate to us by seeking His loving guidance . We can make this life worthwhile, before this chance is slipped from our hands.

My Lord Sai I will always cherish, the divine gift of your holy association, and will forever be grateful to you, for being my security for being the power and strength deep within me.

We must all look for our spiritual food for sustenance in our Lord Sai and He will surely send us forth, refreshed and fully satisfied.

Our sincere wish should be to endeavor to serve that light for the rest of the useful years allotted to us on earth to play a small part in spreading knowledge of that light, to live and Love.

Jai Sai Ram

Talk given Br Ram.Chugani

On 28th Anniversary of Kobe.centre

24th August 2003 at I.S.S attendance abt 120/150 devotees.