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Swami's teachings on Atma nivedanam

 Swami says: "I wish to talk to you today on Atma Nivedanam, an important aspect of Bhagati (Bhakti) Yoga, in fact the last and final stage of bhagathi (Bhakti), which is total surrender to God."

 Most of us take worship as duty. We rush into the puja room every morning after bath, etc. and chant a few slokas rapidly at full speed, as though a horde of wild animals were behind us, waiting to spring on us. And that is all. For of the day, God is completely absent from our thoughts. Our heads are filled with mundane, materialistic thoughts, or we go to temple, offer flowers, fruits and a coconut, think that we have discharged our duties towards God and go home, well content and mighty pleased with our selves.

 I ask you is this the way it should be? Can we limit our relationship to God, restrict our association with the Lord who created us, to those fewmintues before an idol or a picture?

 Should we not (instead) install that same idol or picture in our hearts, enshrine it there and worship it whole heartedly with full fervor and enthusiasms?

 When we have a little time, why can't we sit back and think of God? Even in grossed in our daily duties, we can still keep chanting His name ceaselessly. Can't we dedicate all our thoughts and actions to Him?

 Embodiment of Love, offer yourselves entirely and wholly up to God. Let Him do what He wants with you. Put all your trust and faith in Him. God is your greatest well-wisher. Surely, He will never do you any harm. Think…”God, I have surrendered myself unto you…body-mind and soul. I have no will of my own now. Your will is my will.

 Let your will be done. I am utterly and truly content to let you do what you want to do with me. Take me where you want.” This is true Atma Nivedanam or offering of one's soul to God… By “Soul”, we actually mean “Will” for the soul is already God, is not it? We have to offer our free will to God and seek refuge in Him.


I rest my mind at your Lotus feet, my Lord,

I surrender my will unto You, Oh God!

Take me where You will,

There is no more anything called mine,

Everything I have is Thine- I myself Thine  


Bhagavan's Teachings to Atma Nivedanam.

Excerpt from Holy Mission Divine Vision.


Necklace of nine Sai Gems No. 2 Repository of Supreme Peace and happiness (Purma Santhi Suka Nidhaana)

The goal of all living beings is peace and happiness. But the tragedy of it is that we search for peace and happiness in the wrong place. In things external to us. “Peace inside, pieces outside,” quips Swami very meaningfully.


He gives the parable of a foolish, old woman who lost her sewing needle in her cottage. She was frantically searching for it under the streetlight, because she had no light in her cottage.

We are all like that foolish woman, says Baba; because, due to our inner darkness of ignorance, we have apparently lost the Self, which is the source of supreme peace and bliss. But instead of looking for it inward, we are desperately searching for it outside.

The name serves to purify our mind and make it turn inward to its Source, the Spiritual Heart, where only we can experience supreme peace and happiness, which is permanent and unmixed.

In contrast the so-called peace and happiness we get from external objects’ are only fleeting glimpses, invariably tinged with pain. “Pleasure is only an interval between two pains,” says Swami.

And we all have experience of this truth. Thus the Name is the external abode of supreme and un-alloyed peace and bliss. Once we experienced it in our inner being, we shall find it also outside, for as Swami reveals,” The outer scenario is a reflection or projection of the inner Being.”

SWAMI SAYS= AS THE AIR WE BREATHE IS OF God’s creation and available to all, so the wariness of God and His powers and Mercy have to be available to all. True seekers on the spiritual path must hold on to this wide outlook and the universality of this message. Then the conflict between the diverse faiths and creeds disappears by itself, and peace and love will be restored on earth.

Article on service theme - Gopikrishna Pidatala

"Swami, Give me strength and energy to render more Service at your Lotus Feet" was a young devotee of Hyderabad's prayer to Bhagawan a few days after the 2nd World Youth Conference. Swami looked at him, gave a deep thought, smiled and said, "You do my work, I'll do your work" in chaste Telegu. He readily agreed. Man today needs to realize that Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba is born on this Earth out of His mercy to shower His choicest Blessings on all Mankind. After almost three decades of association with the Lord Sai, I can realize that I have wasted a lot of years. Swami is a role model for all of us.

"My life is My message", Swami often says. What have we learned from His life? Swami says that the shortest path to reach God (Him) is by practicing the saying "Love all, Serve all". Is it possible to practice this aspect in this mundane world? The answer is an absolute 'YES'. There is at least one personality, a phenomenon, on this Earth who practices this aspect and is also teaching other beings to learn and practice it in their own lives, and that is our Beloved Lord Sathya Sai. A few years back, I asked Swami, "Swami, today life is full of turbulence, ego and this often leads me to bad thoughts. How do I ward off these thoughts?" Swami explained to me with lots of loving care. He said, "My dear, whenever you feel hungry, what do you do?" I replied, "I eat immediately". Swami then asked, "How do you eat?" He went on to explain, "First you take a plate, serve yourself some food and then voluntarily your hands move to pick up the food to be placed in your mouth. Once in your mouth, it is then masticated by the teeth and involuntarily digested, isn't it?" He asked, I nodded. Swami then went on, similarly, "whenever you get bad thoughts, think of God, think of Sai, involve yourself in good thoughts and good work." As you develop this, Swami said that automatically bad thoughts are left behind. Make this your daily habit and you shall never have scope for bad thoughts, Swami answered. He immediately pointed at our team leader, Uday and said, "this is how he developed into a good boy. It took me seven years to scrub him of his bad habits and see how he shines today."

Swami is our friend and our well-wisher, our God Mother, ever ready to help us, pacify us and lead us to peace. This is the absolute truth, but there is an important clause here. Swami tells us something, "Just do it. Do not try to analyze the pros and cons. There are innumerable devotees of Sai who are still trying to gauge Sai and in this process they do not know what they are missing." Often Swami directs us. He is like the Traffic Signal that shows you the path. We need to understand that Swami out of His mercy and grace gives us a number of chances even while we err. But at one point of time in order to make us realize the value of His word, He stops directing us. From then on, it's misery. He ignores us, does not smile, looks away when we plead. This is when we realize what a fool we have been! Then we start practicing Swami's directions with total surrender and PRESTO - Swami is back with us; all smiles, love, compassion bundled together.

Swami often talks of service to motherland, "Janani Janma Bhoomischa Swargadapi Gariyasi", the mother who has given birth to you and the motherland you are born in is greater than Heaven. Serve your motherland, serve your society. It is this society that has brought you up. Pay back the debts you owe to society for bringing you up. Render service to society is what Swami says. Similarly, serving parents is the most important ideal we need to do. 'PAY - RENT' … Swami often says that our very existence in this world is because of our parents, as our head, food and blood truly belong to our parents. Hence, it is our primary duty to pay-rent to our parents, and that is by providing loving care to them with devotion. So dear brothers and sisters, let us all resolve to do His work and do our work too…

From Sai Pranam - Monthly Magazine

The grace of Sai and story of a yogi walking on water.

This the story of Yogi named L.S.Rao, who during 1971 and 1972 carried on a campaign of vilification against Baba. He has said that Baba was a fake and that he himself had performed many such miracles, such as walking through fire and on water.


The Blitz paper had carried these articles, in which the Yogi had carried on a tirade against Baba. He said that he would give a public performance in Andheri, near the Yogi’s ashram. The event attracted international interest and many people came to witness it. Television cameras and all the other media were invited to attend. Admission was restricted and the tickets cost between five hundred rupees and a thousand rupees.


This campaign agitated very much most of Baba’s followers and were very much upset and many devotees thought that Baba should teach this man a lesson. “The Yogi arrived, invoked the Gods, cursed Baba and said that He was fake.


Devotees prayed to Baba saying, “Swami please teach this arrogant man a lesson. Let him find himself at the bottom of the ten foot tank when he tries to walk on water.


The yogi walked up a ladder that had been placed at the side of the tank. He stood at the top of the ladder and again repeated his mantras. He placed his right foot on the water and then the left foot, and promptly sank to the bottom of the tank. Devotees prayed to Baba and asked Him to put an end to this man’s ego


He came out of the tank and again cursed Baba and spoke against Him. He repeated his mantras and made another attempt to walk on the water. He again sank to the bottom and could not come up again. Two man had to go into the tank to rescue him.


When he was up brought the tank, he said “Where is my doctor? I am not well. My doctor told me not to do it today. “The spectators rebelled and shouted for a refund of their money, saying that this was a hoax.


Mr Karanjia, the editor of Blitz came to the microphone and announced that all money would be refunded The proceeds were to have gone to the Yogi’s ashram. After that the Yogi never again made a public appearance and his tirade against Baba ended.



Experience of Vijay Sai, Previously speaker and a lecturer in the dept of English in Brindavan campus

He said when I am asked to write or speak about the happy time I had with Bhagavan, as a student and a teacher, I do not know where to begin. Like every student, I have seen Him, experienced Him and basked in His divine love.

I wonder whether I should narrate how He once materialised a sugar candy, to clear my sore throat before singing a bhajan or how in Kodaikanal while travelling with students in a bus.

 He created a silver spoon to distribute some groundnuts , or how He fastened the button on my shirt, while I stood beside Him for a photograph, or how He took a snap of us when we were waking up after a nap, or how He quietly picked my pocket, taking the piece of paper containing the points of my speech, prepared at a short notice, while taking His namaskar before the speech, leaving me completely confused before a large audience.

 Another day when He waited for me and said, ”I know you like this sweet Lord has specially kept for you.” Or when He gave instruction not to serve me any sweet, because I was putting on a lot of weight, or the day when HE, with a divine wave of His hand, transformed a chocolate into an emerald, a diamond, and a ring. And finally said “ If I will it, this moment I can change all of you into girls”!

 He then asked me if I would volunteer for the demonstration, or how one day He distributed huge chocolate bars to everyone and then informed them that it was because that day was my birthday.

 In fact I had forgotten myself. Where am I to begin? Where I am to end? Who am I, after all to write about Him, the highest, God, in such an informal tone.

Even now, when I am reprimanded and made fun of, and feel that sometimes life is unbearable, and cry in sorrow and self-pity, I remember one of Shakespeare’s sonnets which expresses how I feel. 

          Yet in these thoughts myself almost despising

          Happily I think of thee-and then my state,

          Like a lark at break of day arising

          From sullen earth, sings hymns at heaven’s gate,        

          For thy sweet love remembered such wealth brings,

          That I scorn to change my place with Kings” 


Earthquake relief - The work has begun

Dear Brothers,
Sai Ram.
Following letter received from Bro. Dr. Michael Goldstein, giving a progress report on the work of the Sai Organization, which please note.
Warm Regards,
In Sai Service,
LP Chablani
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Sai Ram!
For those who have perished, let us pray for their souls. For those who are suffering, let us pray and take action to alleviate  their pain. For ourselves, let us pray that the Divine Indweller will show us the ay and enable us to do what we must do. For the Sai Organization, let us pray that we will all become united in a spirit of love and face the world catastrophe with courage, determination, and discrimination.
This letter is a sequel to the prior letters of December 26 and  December 30 to give you a progress report on the work of the Sai Organization.

The Sri Sathya Sai International Medical Committee of the Prasanthi Council, working under the leadership of its Chairman, Dr. Narendra Reddy, has sent task forces of personnel with the necessary skills to assess the needs of victims and our own resources to address those needs.
In Indonesia, a task force of Sai devotee physicians and Sai workers have gone to three stricken sites, including Banda Aceh. These  devotees are distributing food, water, clothes, medicines, and other needed materials to the victims of the disaster. Substantial funds from the Sathya Sai Society Earthquake Relief Fund have been dispersed to Indonesia.
In Sri Lanka, Dr. Upadhyay from UK, a member of the Sai International Medical committee has already visited Sri Lanka, made an assessment of conditions there, and will be returning with a medical team soon. In addition, Dr. Brahma Sharma, President of the USA Sai Medical Committee, is leading a task force of Sai devotee physicians and Sai workers who will arrive in Sri Lanka by January 9. Substantial funds from the Sathya Sai Society Earthquake Relief fund have been dispersed to Sri Lanka.
In Thailand, Lorraine Burrows, of the Sathya Sai Institue, with a group of Sai devotees from the Sai Institute and the Sai Organization of Thailand have gone to Phuket to give assistance to the victims of the disaster. The Zone Chairman has communicated with the Deputy Central Coordinator of Thailand to arrange assistance by transferring funds to the Thai Sai Organization from the Earthquake Relief Fund.
In India, we have communicated to Bhagavan Baba that we stand ready with personnel and resources to render whatever assistance He may deem appropriate.

Task forces have gone to Indonesia to Banda Acheh, and two other stricken areas in that country nearest to the epicenter of the earthquake. A team of medical personnel and volunteers from Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia will establish medical and rehabilitation camps. Likewise, in Sri Lanka, a task force is going to perform the same function. These task forces and the medical and rehabilitation camps will not be merely a brief encounter where goods are distributed and the sick are treated. It will be an ongoing interaction. In the acute phase we are treating illness and distributing goods and materials that meet the needs for survival in the ravaged environment. Then, having met the immediate needs, we plan to maintain a presence of helpful Sai workers to assist in the rebuilding of the homes, the rehabilitation of the community, and, finally, the achievement of self-sufficiency.
The theme of our 80th Birthday efforts: Service to Individual, Service to Communty, and Service to Humanity is dramatically unfolding as a result of this unprecedented disaster. Men and women, governments and organizations, people from everywhere are extending their helping hands to the victims of this catastrophe. Individual victims are treated and communities are being restored. These efforts, engaged in by our Sai Organization, and all of the multitudes of selfless workers from all over the world, demonstrate the love and compassion that is our true nature. Thus the innate Divinity of man is manifested.
Lovingly, in the Service of Sai

Posted on 06.01.2005 by Ram Chugani

Bhagavan Baba Sarva Devata Swaroopa

(Student Experience Sudheendran) 


One evening we were all sitting around Bhagawan in Trayee Brindavan at Whitefield. All of sudden, Bhagavan asked me if I would give Him anything that He asked for, immediately, I replied “Yes, Bhagavan.”


Bhagavan looked at me in my eyes and asked, are you sure, will you give me even your life? “Saying thus, He streched out His palm, but He withdrew it at once, and said something that overwhelmed me by its impact.


Bhagawan said, “You fool, who are you to give your life to Me ? Your life is alread in My hands, and you have no control over it!  I realize that none other than Goddess Shakthi Herself, who is permeating each and every cell in my body and sustaining my life every moment, spoke these words.


I would also like to narrate another experience where Bhagavan saved my father’s life. In February 2000, my father underwent a regular health check-up where he was diagnosed to have a minor heart problem. The doctors then prescribed more tests. But my father decided that he would not allow himself to be treated further without Bhagavan’s permission.


So he came to Prashanti Nilayam to seek Bhagavan’s blessings and permission for his heart treatment. During Darshan, Bhagavan spotted my father and immediatley went up to him and enquired about his health. Then Bhagavan materialized vibuthi and gave it to my father and asked him to get himself checked up again at the Sri Sathya Sai Super Speciality Hospital, Prashanti Nilayam.


As per Bhagavan’s advice, my father underwent tests and the doctors recommended an operation. The operation was scheduled for 1st March, after Bhagawan’s prior approval. Since my father was staying alone, he asked Bhagavan if it was necessary for my mother to rush to Parthi immediatley. Bhagavan told that there was no need to hurry and assured my father saying ,“Don’t worry, I will take care of you!”


A few days before the operation, my father decided to go for a short walk in the evening. When he was walking on the road, he felt a slight pain in his chest. So he thought that it would be better to sit down somewhere nearby. That very moment an ambulance appeared on the scene, and a senior ashram offical alighted from it and rushed towards my father saying that Bhagavan had personally sent him to enquire about my father’s condition, and if necessary, to rush him to the hospital. Bhagavan thus demonstrated His love and omniscience, and the chest pain vanished.


As the D-Day approached, my mother and I landed in Prashanti Nilayam. Finally on March 1st, my father was taken into the operation theatre at 8 a.m. What was supposed to have been a mirror operation turned out to be a major and a critical one, which took five hours. When the doctors operated upon the heart, they discovered that there were five blocks in the arteries and it was a medical miracle how my father lived normally when there was apparently no way the blood could flow in and out of the heart. Undoubtedly my father is alive sheerly due to Bhagavan’s grace.


After the operation Bhagavan told me to be happy and said, “Tell your mother about this successful operation. She will feel happy. And also convey to her that I am thousand times happier then she is.


Our love is filled with selfishness and attachment born out of a relationship of a few years. But Bhagavan has been loving and protecting all of us for thousands of births!



Divine Blessings from South Africa

"I feel Baba's touch and his blessings help me progress in life. He takes away my problems. I am a plain and simple person but Baba has blessed me. When I first saw what was happening, I fell on my knees and prayed, and thanked Baba for entering my home."

Naicker, who was formerly with the Malagazi Sai Centre and is now with the Mandhir, said she got closer to Baba after her husband (then 38) suffered a stroke and died about 17 years ago.

Feeling deserted and disconnected, Naicker said she received a "message" from Baba telling her that she would not be alone "when I am here for you".

"I never expected that Baba would visit me. As a mother I am alone with my children, but Baba is our guardian and protector and he is now showing us his presence." With the dream of one day travelling to Sai Baba's ashram in Prashanti Nalayam, India, an emotional Naicker said she would continue serving Sai Baba.

South African Sai Organisation president Dr Reggie Reddy said the "miracles" were for the people of the house and their particular spiritual relationship with Sai Baba.

"It is a personal and unique occurrence for their particular spiritual evolution. It is for the family to realise the omnipresence, omnipotence and omniscience of Sai Baba."

Reddy added that these manifestations "were to realise the comforter more than the comforts - and the comforter is the Purna Avtaar of the age of Kaliyuga, which is Sai Baba himself.

 Jai Sai Ram  


Prof Kasturi’s Birthday story.


Kasturi says on my Birthday, I usually spend the day with Swami. On one birthday, He asked me to go to a place to attend a meeting of devotees, and I said “ What Swami? You are pushing me out on my birthday!” Swami said, “What birthday? It is not an important Event. To be born is a calamity not to be celebrated!


My name is Kasturi , Kasturi means musk, the fragrant stuff, which we used to put a dot on God’s forehead. Krishna had “Kasturi Tilakam” on His forehead. It is not only black, but also fragrant.


There is a temple in south India, where the God is known as Kasturi Ranganatha, director of the divine play, wearing a musk dot. I am named after that. So I told Swami that I would go to that holy place on my birthday.


Swami said, “Go there, you will find me there. It is as good as my presence there” and believe me, when I went there, there was no Kasturi Ranganatha; there was my own SWAMI in the shrine room.  So everywhere, it is He who answers every prayer, in whatever language it is made, to whichever God it is made.


A mother once complained, “Swami, my son goes to Tirupathi, he does not come to puttaparthi” Swami said, “Yeh! Why do you worry? It is myself there also.” He says, “Attend any church, call on any God by any name, of any form, I am there. “That is Prabhu” The Lord of all.


Swami says, “If you look at me, your image will be in my eyes, and my image will be in your eyes. We are all in Swami’s eyes, because His eyes are everywhere. “Sarvathah pannipadam sarvathokshi shirormukham.” His hands, His feet, His eyes, His head and His face are everywhere to grasp you and save you from a fall.”


Jai Sai Ram



It was Sunday morning at Prashanti Nilayam. After finishing the morning Interviews, Baba went to the western side of the Mandir where the children from the primary school were seated. Baba does not like anyone to sit in the hot sun, and certainly not the sweet little ones. [This was in the days before the present roof was built.]

He made them all sit in the shade in the porch near the Interview room. The children beamed as they trooped in and sat in an orderly fashion, followed by Baba who came from behind them, beaming with a big smile!

He came to the first row and all of a sudden started singing “Love is My form…” He asked the children to join in. All of us who were fortunate to be there were exhilarated at this unexpected gift of Grace! Grace always comes unexpectedly.

Halfway, He stopped and asked the children, “What is Love?” smiling mischievously. The children were taken by surprise at this question and smiled nonplussed!

Love is like ice creamBaba obliging gave the answer and said, “Love is ice cream!” Baba allowed the children’s laughter and the adult’s surprise to die down before He explained further. Baba, the ideal teacher, is a Master of the technique of teaching. A startling question to evoke attention, provoke curiosity and hold the interest of the listener is the Master’s method! All ears were now alert, awaiting Baba’s explanation:

“Love is sweet like ice cream;

Love is joy like ice cream;

Love is cool like ice cream

and Love is pure like white ice cream.

Apparently meant for the children, but it was a gift from Baba to all of us, this extraordinarily original definition of love from Love Incarnate!

Images are sketched by poets to make the abstract concrete; Baba the Poet of poets gives images which have great spiritual depths, and the Avatar of the Age uses the most modern of them to make us understand what He wants to convey. In the Krishna Avatar, it was milk, curds and butter; in the Sai Avatar it is Love, Joy and ice cream!

From “Spiritual Blueprints of My Journey” by Indulal Shah

Jai Sai Ram

Ram Chugani

I see what you don't

contributed by saikramesh

This incident relates to the trip made by 52 blind chlidren to Swami several years back. I had always wanted to narrate the same to Saidevotees, my sole intention being to propogate the message that Swami often sees what we dont.

A Sathya Sai Center functioning in Chennai, a metro city in Southern India was fortunate to be blessed by Swami's visit, 5 times, each of these when He visited Chennai.

A practice ( that continues till date) in the center is Reading for the Blind on at least 2 Saturdays of the month.

Swami inspired one of the devotees to bring these 52 students to His Divine Presence. What follows here is amazing. There was no prior intimation to Swami in any way that these students were being brought from Chennai all the way to Parthi. On the way, the devotees entrusted with the task of taking these blessed students to Swami encountered many a hardship.

Wonder of Wonders, when they reached Parthi, they were given a special block at the Darshan Hall and Swami spent several minutes with the group. At the end, He signalled one of His Students to bring something from the Interview Room.

Sairam brothers and sisters, only our Beloved Lord knows and cares for every being in this world. The Student then brought out 52 Braille watches, each of which was personally presented to the students by Swami. Swami also demonstrated the use of the same.

How these watches appeared in the Interview Room is a miracle, that only Our Lord knows. This especially because, there was not even the slightest hint made to Swami about the arrival of these students.

Yet another Mahima of Our Dearest Lord!!!

Jai Sairam!!!

Ram Chugani


Prof Kasturi describes an incident of Calcutta devotee who went on wrong path.



There was a young person in Calcutta who had gone too far on wrong path. He had the calamity of having a rich father and he suffered from that! Cinema star, gamblers, racehorses were his companions.


His father was a good man. He didn’t know that he was the reason for his son’s wayward ways. He had fondled him much and had spoiled him. He wanted to improve him, and so he put three volumes of Sathyam Shivam Sundaram on his son’s table.


He warned his servants to see that the books were always on his table. The son saw them, but never cared to read them. He thought it was his father’s craze! ‘What is the use of reading Sathyam Shivam Sundaram by some Kasturi, when there are far better things to read? ‘ He must have thought.


One day, he had an engagement with a cinema star with his gang of friends. Jay has programmed to go to picnic with her as the central figure. His friends did not turn up as arranged and had to keep on waiting for them.


He was rather upset, and took a book, which was on the table and starting turning the pages, because he had nothing else to do! And what did he read in the book? “Don’t rely on your friends. They are only exploiting you. I am your great friend. I don’t need any thing from you. I will always be with you”


He read whole page! That changed his mind, because those were Swami’s words. He was sitting in P.N Verandah, three days back. He has purchased a bungalow near Whitefield and now wherever he gets time he will be writing “Sai Ram”


That happened because of that one page which he read at a critical time of his life. Swami, who was waiting for the psychological moment, caught him! When the dawn comes, when the morning star raised and the sun is about to give light to earth, that moment, when he opened the book, Swami stood there to receive him!


Swami says, I have a vow and what is that?”Hold by the hand those who have strayed away from the correct path and save them. Swami has  said”Patti” is to hold by the hand. To hold them by the hand and save them is His vow. In case of this young man, He was waiting for his hand and caught it, Prof Kasturi asked Swami “Why hold the hand?


“Dear man.” Said Swami. How can you give a person an injection without holding his hand ? So holding the hand is necessary. This young man turned the pages of the book and Swami held him by the hand and gave him the injection. When his friends came and hour later, he said ´ “ he said “ I am not coming, I don’t want the picnic. I am not going you hereafter, I have a great friend now!”  He sends his friends out! Swami has converted him.


There was a dancing hall in the ground floor of his house, was now beautifully polished floor which became the bhajan center! That hand that held whisky, now held vibhuthi packet! Complete change! Because he read something that Swami wanted him to read that book, and not what was printed in it. The book was only an excuse.


Jai Sai Ram


Kobe, Japan