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Dr.S.Bhagvantham Ex.Director,National Institute of Science, Bangalore, and Ex.Principal Scientific Advisor, Ministry of Defence, India.


Lord Of Miracles

By - Dr.S.Bhagvantham





            I narrated the story of a distinguished American scientist, Oppenheimer, who discovered the first atomic bomb. I told him that when the first nuclear explosion occurred, Oppenheimer was asked what he thought of the nuclear explosion and it is on record that Oppenheimer quoted a verse from the Bhagvat Gita. He said that the brilliance is such that is can only be described in the language used by Arjuna when he had the manifestation of the Lord. Arjuna described it by saying that the brightness is as if there were one thousand suns shining in the sky. I said, “If an American can quote an Indian text at the height of his scientist attainment, why do you think I, and Indian of a traditional family, do not respect Indian traditions and text?”


            I narrate this to show that the conversation has been set by me, the place where we sat decided by me, and the idea of Bhagvat Gita was brought into conversation by me. Then He said: “Oh I see. So you believe in Bhagvat Gita, and you, a scientist, respect Bhagvat Gita, read Bhagvat Gita.


            Again, the rational in me asserted itself, and I said, “Of course I respect. Of course I read it, but I will read only when I want to.”


            There were hundred people sitting there and He lifted a handful of sand with both hands and asked me to stretch out my hand and He put the sand into my hands and under my very eyes it turned into a small text of Bhagvat Gita. You can see by the sequence of events that I chose the place. I say because it couldn’t have happened that someone planted the Bhagvat Gita in the sands. I brought the conversation about the Bhagvat Gita.


            The rational in me said if it is printed text, it must be printed in some press. I immediately asked Baba. “Baba, you said that it is a printed text of Bhagvat Gita. Where has it been printed?” I said this in the hope that I would be creating a small problem for Him. The man who was greatly disturbed was myself and the one who was completely undisturbed and was enjoying the conversation was Baba.  He smiled and said. “Yes it has been printed in the Sai Press”. He further remarked “ell. Bhagavantam. I would like to know what science has got to say about it. In fact, it cannot say anything about what has happened.”


            People used to think that Baba favors some person in authority, and I think among their hundred people there must have been four or five who thought that this gentleman is the Director of the Institute. He has got position therefore, Baba is favoring Him, with this gift of Bhagvat Gita.” Bhagavan answered. “Yes, You can pay four annas and buy it in Bangalore.” 


            But I cannot forget his calling on a very ordinary looking person who did not have even a shirt to wear. He was sitting in the group. He called him by name and that poor man was most surprised to be called by name. He told him: “ Oh man, you are very poor, you have come here, you have been sitting under the tree in my ashram for the past four days. You are devotee of Harnath Baba and Kusum Kumari. You have been going around begging for money as you want to build a temple for Hanath Baba in your village.” All this was true. “You have come here to ask me for a donation to build the temple.” He gave a long lecture to him. He said, “This is very wrong, God is in everyone of us. God is in you. Why do you go in search of God? Temples should not be built. Particularly, you should not ask for temples to be built. Do not do this. Go back home and I will give you an image of Harnath Baba. Put it in your own puja room and worship him, but do not build a temple. God does not live in temples, unless he lived in your own heart.” He gave him a long lecture, as He would give to any devotee. But I was still thinking of Bhagvat Gita. He must have brought it here and given it to me, I thought.


Jai Sai Ram


Ram Chugani  


Kobe, Japan