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Latest Release of the New Video CD "Arpanam - Sai Bhajan Darshan Video" 

A New Video CD  Titled "Arpanam - Sai Bhajan Darshan " was released recently. The VCD consists of 80 minutes of Bhajans sung by Madhvi Sai and devotees from the United Kingdom together with beautiful live video Darshans of Bhagavan. The Bhajans are rendered most enchantingly and is enjoyable. The same is now available at Dharmakshetra, Mumbai, India and also within the UK.

It would be a worthwhile addition to your bhajan library. 

For devotees residing overseas who are desirious of procuring the VCDs may please contact the Apranam team at the email address:  

To listen to the Audio Clips of  the Arpanam Bhajans  please visit:

The Audio CDs are also available from UK at the above email address; as well as: The Sathya Sai Bookshop, 19 Hay Lane, Kingsbury, London NW9 ONH  (Email: )


Posted on 29th March, 2005

Om Sri Sai Ram

I wish to add to bro Rajeev Nambiar's previous mail and to  bro S Pankaj's below, to say that I have ordered and received both the Arpanam Audio CD and VCD, and can testify that one/or the other or even both, are indeed worthy additions to one's Sai bhajan collection. I have enjoyed my copies tremendously.

It is also very noteworthy that all proceeds from the sale of the Arpanam VCDs and audio CDs go to the Arpanam Group's support of Sai charities. For instance, proceeds in the UK of the Audio CDs have been forwarded to the Sri Sathya Sai Medical Trust in Puttaparthi and proceeds from the UK of the Arpanam VCDs are to go to the 'EYE TO SAI' Project.

So here is a great way of supporting such heartwarming Sai charities, and at the same time be able to enjoy beautiful renditions of Sai bhajans and view clips of wonderful Sai darshans.

You may also visit sis Madhvi's website at for additional information.

In Sai's Light and Love,
Jai Sai Ram!

Posted on 7th Arpil, 2005

Om Sairam Sister Mary,

It was wonderful to read your email. If I may I too would like to add a few words to that.

Although I now live in Portugal, we used to live in Scotland until  last year. We actually had an opportunity to attend a Sai function in London and happened to hear Sister Madhvi's beautiful bhajans there. With her sweet voice and love filled singing we actually felt we were sitting in Prashanti Nilayam with our Lord.

Then last year we bought 'Arpanam' bhajan cd which as you so rightly said contains the most beautiful bhajans and our family sing with  them daily as part of our prayers!

We were sent the vcd by a brother from Leicester only last week and truly, the bhajans along with darshans of our Lord are simply divine.

We hope and pray that the London group continue with these sacred offerings; and we humbly offer our gratitude to Bhagawan for giving us all an opportunity to participate in such wonderful causes like 'Eye  to Sai' project through these bhajans.

In light and love,


Posted on April 10th, 2005

Sai Ram Brother Pratik,

Yes, I too agree with your comments. Sister Madhvi has the most melodious voice and the feelings with which she sings is 'electric'.

A group of us attended Swami's Birthday Programme recently and her heartfelt rendition of 'SHRI LAXMI RAMANA..' was simply unbelievable!

'ARPANAM' CD is abs superb and although we have yet to receive our copy of her new VCD, we too wish to extend our best wishes and blessings for their wonderful seva.

With Sai Love,


Posted on 12th April, 2005

Devotees who wish to purchase the Video CDs may visit the below-mentioned link:

or email to: