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Whitefield Darshan


Dear Brothers and Sisters,


I drove to Brindavan this morning in anticipation of having a glimpse of our beloved Lord. I reached there by 8:15AM. Already all the parking places were taken. I wondered at the advances in information technology - which has taken the news of Bhagawan's arrival late yesterday (7:45PM) to so many people! Of course, also the love of devotees for Bhagawan, which made them descend in thousands on this Sunday. I find a parking place at some distance after the ashram and run to the Ashram. Already, the inside of Ramesh hall is full, on both ladies' and gents' side. I had to find a place in the extension near the Saraswathy idol. I seated myself and started my eager anticipation of seeing the living loving God in physical form after a gap of six months. The make shift shamiana that protects from the Sun during the Summer is not there. So the Winter Sun is beating down. Within no time he started to scorch! But we braved that and almost ignored it. 

Time ticks and ticks in what looks like a long wait, made even more so by the Sun! It is 10AM and the lights on the stage glow, much to our joy! Soon the music fills the air. A beautiful naadaswaram rendering of a Ganesh bhajan fills the air. We are all attention and soon Bhagawan comes on to the stage on HIS moving chair. Oh, how beautiful! It's almost like life's longing fulfilled. Much as I keep listening to Swamy about the need to not limit HIM to HIS physical form, there is this absolute joy and this sense of totality about HIS darshan. Soon Omkar starts and the bhajan goes vande uma nandanam gajananam........ We all sing chorus in great joy. Next Saakshat parabrahma sai... and so on... Bhagawan sits and seemingly enjoys the Bhajans. Must be! The great distance and the glare beat me completely and I am just deriving bliss from the fact that I am in the visible range of the avatar of our age! Swamy sat for a bit longer. About 10:45AM, HE signalled for aarati. HE spoke som

It is such a nice uncertainty drama that HE seems to be playing! HE came after Pongal, supposedly for the anniversary celebration of the Superspeciality hospital, of which there was none, HE went back and then came again within a day! Hopefully, HE will be here for some more time and give us some more darshans.

SaiRam for now.

Ramesh Sistla
Bangalore, India