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Communication from Chairman, Prashanthi Council, Dr Michael Goldstein

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Sai Ram to all of you!

May the Love for which Swami has taken human form fill our hearts and may our actions reflect the compassion inspired by this Love. 

By now, all of you must be aware of the tragic earthquake and the subsequent massive tidal waves that are having devastating effects in some Southeast Asian countries.  Let us pray for the victims.

We must mobilize the resources of the International Sai Family and help the victims of this monumental disaster. Please advise all of our brothers and sisters in your countries that the International Sai Organization will be taking action to assist the victims.  You may also request that all of our brothers and sisters in your countries offer their prayers.  Please do not solicit donations.  

I request your complete cooperation in this matter.  I am placing our prayer before Swami that He permit the International Sri Sathya Sai Organization to work with the All India Sri Sathya Sai Organization to provide relief.  Clearly, the immediate, fundamental needs for survival are food, medicine, clothing, and shelter.  These essentials should be acquired and distributed by the Sai Organizations in the stricken areas.  The Sai Organizations outside the stricken areas can best serve by providing the means to make possible the acquisition of the necessities for survival. 

All Zone Chairmen and Central Coordinators should make an immediate assessment of the resources for the acquisition of the needed items that are available in your respective Zones/Regions.  Please inform me of the results of your assessment.  Clearly the more affluent countries will have the most available resources.  Nevertheless, we are one family and this world disaster should be addressed by a worldwide effort.  Therefore, if there are no resources in your countries, at least advise me that you are communicating with our brothers and sisters in your areas and that they will be offering their prayers for the victims.  The above measures should be taken without delay. 

This is a tragedy, an emergency, and prompt responses save lives.  Therefore, a concerted, timely effort by the Sai Organization is required.  I request that you respond to this email without delay to me (, with copies to Dr. Narendra Reddy (  If the Sai Organizations in your countries have no available resources, then advise me that this is so, and let me know that you have advised all of our brothers and sisters to offer their heartfelt prayers for the victims of the disaster. 

Lovingly, in the Service of Sai
Michael Goldstein
Prasanthi Council

posted by Arun on 28-12-2004