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UPDATE FROM PARTHI - 18.10.2004 TO 21.10.2004

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Team to thank Sai Baba for help in canal work

Hyderabad Oct. 21.

A State Government delegation, led by the Principal Secretary for Irrigation, C.V.S.K. Sarma, will meet Sathya Sai Baba at Puttaparthi on Friday on behalf of the Chief Minister, Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy, to formally thank him for his help in modernising the Telugu Ganga canal at a cost of Rs. 200 crores. The team will hand over a personal letter of the Chief Minister to him expressing gratitude.

The 150-km stretch of the canal from Kandaleru to Red Hills near Chennai was lined and bridges/culverts provided, all insulating it from seepages and leakages. Because of these leakages, the canal was not able to carry water in full measure to the city. A half of the discharge made from Kandaleru used to go waste.

Meanwhile, the releases made from Srisailam pushed up the storage in Somasila. The availability in Somasila on Thursday was 24-tmc ft, sufficient level for making releases towards Kandaleru

forwarded by Litesh Majethia

Day III October 22, 2004.


Morning Program was Darshan and then breakfast - then Poornachandra Auditorium and BLISS TIME AGAIN with the chants.


Evening Program, had a Panel Discussion by the Faculty of Anantpur Campus, on the word VEDAS and its explanations as provided in Upanishad Vahini, Prashnottara Vahini, and Sathya Sai Speaks Series.


This was followed by a Carnatic Vocal Recital by Anuradha Krishnan. She ended the program with a  moving rendition of the bhajan “Koti Pranam Shatha Koti Pranam”.


The Panel Discussion on the Vedas was very informative. Panelists explained how the word Veda comes from the root word “vid”. How the Vedas are not written by anyone. They are called “Apourushaya”.


Then they went on to expound the various references used by Bhagawan in His discourses and the Vahinis.


Lastly they touched upon the ongoing revelations as to how Latin has its roots in Vedic Language ( Sanskrit ), and also how Vedic Mathematics is being Rediscovered in this day and age.


Very SOUND ground work and wonderful presentation.


Day IV October 23, 2004


D- Day - Dasara Day - Culmination of the Veda Purusha Saptaha Jnana Yagna


We were told by experienced devotees, not to bother going for Darshan, but to head straight for the Poornachandra Auditorium. Because, Swami will eventually come to the Auditorium for the Final Offering the “Poornahuti”. Also the devotees after Darshan RUSH towards the auditorium, thereby creating a wave of human bodies “in which you tend to get carried away”


So we started the day with Nagarsankirtan ( Making a round of the campus singing the name of the Lord ).


Then had a rejuvenating cup of tea J and then headed straight for the Auditorium. Sure enough, it was a wise suggestion and we thank Him for that. There was no one in the Auditorium and we got a choice of selecting right spot for the right view.


Sai Geetha, Swami’s pet elephant also graced the occasion.


As it was a Saturday, Poornahuti had to be completed before 9:00 and hence Swami came promptly to the yagna site by 8:00. He went through the process of distribution of gifts to the priests ( a big Silver Bowl and a big Silver Glass ).


After that the Poornahuti was done, it was the same BLISS TIME again with the Ending Peace Chants.


That was the Morning session.


Evening, there were again 2 speakers ( students ) and then Swami Himself gave a Discourse.


The first student explained the fact the Swami is CLOSER than the Closest, DEARER than the Dearest, NEARER than the Nearest. He sang a couple of beautiful poems composed by his mother on Swami.


Second student picked up where the first one had left. He cautioned that : “Let these miracles NOT Misguide you into complacency,” or in simple terms, let us not treat this Avatar as a personality of Miracles. Also let us not fall into the trap of taking HIM for granted.


Swami then blessed us with another Discourse. Dasara Discourse was a strong one, aimed at anyone who was thinking that they can fool God by offfering Him money,etc and thereby pleasing Him.

Also He clearly stated that GOD created everyone, and hence no one can be called POOR  in His standard. It is only us, who have created the rich and poor, and it is our fault that we have encouraged begging and thereby creating beggars.


( Refer to the Dasara Discourse on the website whenever it comes up )


After the Discourse, arathi was taken, and Swami had sat in the Golf Cart ready to leave. It was around 5:15. At that point the Hyderabad Youth asked Swami for permission to present a drama ( to present which they had been waiting for quite a few days.) Swami Loving as He is, gave permission and came down and sat thru the 45 minutes drama titled “Lakshala or Lakshyala”. ( Telugu brother help in translation please. )


Amazing Patience Swami has to sit thru for another 45 minutes, after the 2 hours main program.


One thing about the Grama Seva program. Looks like the Women’s Campus also wanted to get the experience of distribution exercise. So they were asked to distribute Food Packets, Sweet, and Clothes to the Permanent Residents of the Ashram, and the rest of the inmates ( visitors et all received Food Packtes and the Sweet )


Day V. October 24, 2004.


Incidentally there was not much of a crowd for Dasara ( atleast in comparison to Shivaratri 2004 crowd ).  Sunday Morning was pleasant and we started with the Nagar Sankirtan.


Evening Darshan was eventful. Last One week, there were literally no Bhajans at all. We had a “something missing” feeling.

Hyderebad Youth again got a chance to present a Musical in telugu. It had very catchy tunes, and the whole crowd unintentionally was pulled into joining the Clapping.


After that program, Swami asked Bhajans to Start .....YE !!!! Then He went inside to grant an interview to one Mr. Kishen ( looks like he is from Canada and has been an instrument of Swami in many ways ). That went on for 45 minutes….. and guess what …. 45 minutes of continuous Bhajans. Then Swami came out and then sat for another 15 minutes… so total 60 minutes of Pure Namasmarana. Energising for all of us.


Day VI October 25, 2004 à Already sent out before. (see below)


Posted by Sathya J on 27-10-2004

Sairam to all,

I truly owe a detailed report of events. Hope to get it out as soon as possible.  

But before that, here is today's news.  

Swami asked Dr. Gadhia and Mr. Ajith Popat both from UK to address the devotees.  

Dr. Gadhia spoke who the Vedas are being spread around the world. One Swami Brahmadev is the Vice Chancellor of a Vedic  Universtiy in Holland. He did not believe in Swami.  Dr. Gadhia went there and requested the Vice Chancellor to conduct a Yagna.  

There to disprove Brahmadevji and show His omniscience, Swami appeared in HIs FULL Physical Form, but only 3 persons could see Him. TO give a proof of His presence, there was a DRIZZLE of VIBHUTI over the entire venue.  

Brahmadevji asked in his heart. Swami if you are really GOD, show me one more of your Leela and I will surrender to Your Feet.  

Sure enough, immediately a SHOWER of NECTAR on the audience.

Since then Brahmadevji has had Darshan of Swami herein Parthi, and is now on a Mission to spread Vedas. In South America, there is a group of 1000 latin americans all chanting precise Vedic Mantras.  

Next was Ajith Popat. He titled his talk as PUPPET SHOW ( Popat Show ).  

Part I : on the topic. Kya Hua ( What happened? Kuch Nahi ( Nothing ) . This was the Q asked by Swami to Him in April 2004, and this was the answer given by Popat.
Ajith Popat later on went to explain the significance : What has happened after so many years of Swami coming for Darshan, talking to us and setting so many examples


Part II : Ab Kya ? What Next. Here Ajith Popat expounded on the importance of our Role to be played here in this lifetime of the Avatar.  

Main Points :  

I.)  Direct Dialing to Divinity --- Om Om Om you are connected ( Country Code and Area Code )

Asato Maa Sadgamaya --- AMritamgamaya --- Call connects through to SWAMI and lastly

Swami picks up the Phone and Says : Shanti Shanti Shanti.

Swami said Brahmamuhurtam is best time as ALL LINES are Free.... no Engaged Tones...  

II.) We always Mantra Heenam Kriya Heenam Bhakti heenam ( menaing whihc we plead to Lord, : Oh Lord I donot know any mantras, any woirk, and donot know any Devotion ) ;

Swami said its time to practice

Mantra sahitam ( Veda Chanting ) Kriya Sahitam ( Service Projects ) and Bhakti Sahitam ( Namasmarana _ Chanting Lord's Name ) to REALIZE HIM IN US.  

III.) We do nothing worthwhile WHOLE DAY and sa we dont have TIME


Here Ajith Popat ended the talk but Swami asked him to continue and then Ajith Popat sang a few ghazals style couplets in Swami's Praise.  

THen BIG SURPRISE..... Swami asked for the MIKE and gave His discourse :

 Main Points :


Dwell on the Mahavakyas :

Aham Brahmasmi; Pragnyanam Brahma; Ayamatma Brahma; -----

Do not be led by Brahma - Illusion ---- but be led by Bramha (Divinity)

You see Swami in dream doing various things, this is only because you have been thinking about the same for the whole day--- hence in the sleep state, this takes the form and you feel Swami has blessed.

You need to move FORWARD -----  You need to think about your favorite form of GOD and NOW BECOME THAT GOD...... so You need to move forward from the dream state... to actually practising in every moment of your life the very teachings of Swami / Rama / Krishna / Jesus / Allah, so that you eventually BECOME DIVINE IN THE WAKEFUL STATE.  

That should be the Goal from now on....  

He said this discourse has a LOT FUTURISTIC MESSAGES EMBEDDED.

 NOTE : This is a very important point for us to note. let us look forward to  this discourse and DWELL ON THIS. October 25, 2004 Discourse --- Look out for the same in the next few days.

Posted by Sathya on 25.10.2004

Om Sri Sai Ram

Thank You for giving Your attention to the all purifying Yajna.

Swami was presiding over the Yajna which was finished yesterday morning (23.10.04).

In the evening on 23rd a Divine Discourse was granted by Bhagavan. He told that we should sacrifice and share with others what ever we have.

So we are very happy to do so without any restriction of copy rights :-)

The following letter from a Devotee was coming likewise as prasadam is coming to us: silent, sweet and soft. We will take it. Humble and thankful.

Jay Sai Ma

Dear Ones,

Oct 18, 2004

An interesting thing happened this morning during the yajnas in the Poornachandra auditorium.  The priest who was doing the circumambulation around the sun prostrated himself at the feet of the real sun (i.e. Baba) and then walked slowly around Him.  Before doing so Baba blessed him.  When he came around he continued his usual routine around the symbolic sun.

A short while later another priest, one who was sitting with a group of four others doing chanting, got up and walked to Baba.  He too was blessed by Swami before he returned to his task.

Still later another priest, this one engaged in reading out of one of the holy Indian texts got up and went to Baba.  Baba extended His left hand and the priest took it in his two hands.  Baba placed His other hand over those of the priest.  They conversed for some time.  Occasionally Swami's right hand came up slightly at which the priest lowered his head and received a blessing on the top of his head.  Baba blessed him three times before he returned to his given task.

At about 9:45 Swami stood up with the aid of an assistant.  They disappeared slowly behind the curtain at the back of the stage.  Shortly after that the Grama Seva crew was given the OK to leave for distribution.  At about 1 p.m. the Grama Seva trucks returned to the ashram.

The residential compound of Baba is nearing completion.  Rumor has it that it will be inaugurated at the end of Dasara, on the 23rd.  Three days ago there were cement blocks being constructed outside the compound wall. Yesterday those blocks were dry enough to be painted and on top were placed stone statues of devis (goddesses), the names of which written on paper temporarily grace the foot of each. Yesterday too there was a large truck stopped at the corner of the walled compound where the railing was yet to be installed.  Workers  were passing sod (layers of grass to be transplanted for the new lawn) over the wall.

Oct 19, 2004

This morning Swami came in at about 7:15.  He went directly to His chair and sat down.  Prasad (laddu as well as a pre-packaged spun sugar and pistachio sweet) was distributed to everyone in the hall.  At about 8 am I could smell the fire and could faintly hear chanting  coming from the direction of Poornachandra auditorium.  The poojas must have begun.  At about 8:10 Swami got up and walked slowly to the interview room.  At about 8:45 I could hear coming from the main street of the ashram shouts of "Jai!"  The Grama Seva workers (30 trucks strong) were leaving for today's distribution.  At about 9:10 Swami came out of the interview room and briefly went into the mandir. He returned to the interview room and in another minute came out and departed the hall.

The devotees and students remaining in the hall followed him to Poornachandra.  I waited in line for 10 minutes.  Since we were given Prasad this morning I had no excuse to leave to go the breakfast. When I finally got in I found that it was not nearly as crowded as last year.  The last tier of the hall is being used for storing supplies and is not available for sitting.  Still there was room to sit even for latecomers.  Last year many people stood at the doors and may more waited outside.  Swami was already seated when at about 9:30 several priests, including the married couple, came to Him. A few took padanamaskar.  Soon most of the priests were on their feet and stopped what they were doing.  They moved to the right side off the stage and from there began to chant in alternation with the vedam group.  The energy was beginning to rise.  Only the priest doing the sun pooja and the one off to the far right doing the lingam pooja remained busy with their allotted tasks.  Swami then got up and, with the aid of an attendant, slowly walked across the stage.  He stopped ever so briefly in front of the vedam chanters, before proceeding to the group of priests on the right.  He came finally to the married couple and stood there.  And there He stayed for more than five minutes.  Wow!  What deep inner significance that must have had: the Lord of the universe in front of them for so long.  Soon Swami instructed the couple to garland the statue they had been worshipping.  Swami then turned around and returned the way He came.  As He passed the priests, some took the opportunity for padanamaskar. He continued onto the stage at which point He departed behind the curtains on the right.  The chanting continued, the pitch now ever increasing, the energy coming to a climax.  So ended this morning with Baba.

This afternoon's highlight was the discourse.  During around the middle of it Swami began talking about the lingam and how it is formless.  Shortly thereafter he circled His right hand and raised it to reveal a golden lingam that shined even to as far back as where I was sitting.  He continued the discourse for maybe ten more minutes.  Suddenly while Prof. Kumar was still translating the last sentence He sat back down.  The discourse was finished. Bhajans began, but during the third song the mandir priest moved forwards closer to where Baba was seated.  At the end of the bhajan he stood up and began to circle the arati lamp and arati was sung.

Oct 20, 2004

This morning Swami came in at about 7:20.  He went to His chair and sat for nearly one hour.  Prasad was again distributed to everyone in the hall.  By around 8:10 He got up and went into the interview room.  Several people were called into the interview room.  By about 8:15 I could hear the chanting going on in the Poornachandra; the yajnas were already in full swing.  At 8:30 "Jai's" could be heard from the main street of the ashram; the Grama Seva trucks were now   departing.  Swami left the hall at about 8:50.  The hall emptied and people moved to the Poornachandra auditorium.

Oct 20, 2004

64 years ago today Swami left His family after telling them that His devotees are waiting for Him.  It was on this day that He first sung "Manasa Bhajara Guru Charanam".

Oct 21, 2004

Today is Durga Ashtami.  Instruments (i.e. tools of the trade, vehicles, etc used in daily life) are worshipped.  This morning the crowd was unusually rowdy.  Many stood up or got up on their knees and blocked the view of those behind.  Swami came in as usual and descended the golf cart on the veranda. But He stood only briefly before getting back in the cart.  From there He went to the garages on the men's side.  The garage doors were opened to reveal luxury vehicles behind the regular-sized doors and the golden chariot behind the tall door.  The two cars (both Mercedes, one silver, the other white) on the left were brought out.  Swami sat in the rear seat of each as a blessing.  I could not see from my vantage point what happened with the other vehicles or the chariot.  At any rate, He did not spend as much time there as last year.  From there He got back in the golf cart and returned to
the veranda.  Soon He went into the interview room.

This afternoon's darshan lasted from 3:40 to 6:15.  Swami was on the veranda the entire time.  He gave a discourse which lasted about 90 minutes. It was humorous and very interesting, covering His personal habits and childhood experiences.  Don't miss it.
Baba talked about His child hood and even about His daily routine  ... .  It really was interesting to listen to Swami talk about His daily routine

Today I was fortunate to be invited to join the Grama Seva  distribution. There were several groups, each designated a different village.  We drove 1hour to get to our village.  The boys and teachers were all in good spirits and worked very hard.  They worked very efficiently going to every doorstep distributing food packets, prasad (laddus) for each family member and one sari and one dhoti for (the elders) of each household.  It was very touching to see the impact this seva had on some of the recipients.  It was also touching how so many villagers from far away greeted us with "Sai Ram" and how they all wanted a photo of Baba.  What a special blessing from Swami this Grama Seva is for them; what a great opportunity it is for the participants.

There was one touching example of Swami's omniscience and omnipresence.  The distribution was finished and we had left the village when a few kilometers outside the village proper we were stopped by a lone man.  He is a farmer who lives with his family of four in a small farm compound along the road leading to the village. He had once been very prosperous as a result of the plentiful yield of sugar cane from his 70 acre plot of land.  Several years of drought however brought hard times.  Now instead of giving to the needy he himself has to extend his hand and ask help of others.  He had not received any prasad nor clothes.  We had overlooked him.  My companion and I, however, had nothing to give him.  But behind us soon came the last truck of the convoy.  They happened to have some laddus left over which we gave to the farmer.  Earlier on the road there was a pair of young men from our group who had taken a brief break at the side of the road to cool their feet from the fresh water being pumped up from the ground.  This pair now arrived on their motorcycle.  Lo and behold, they had in the side bag of their cycle extra saris and dhotis.  A package of each we gave to the man.  The farmer then told us about his farm.  He had to change his crop from sugar cane to something more drought-tolerant: peanuts.  Also at regular intervals in the field of peanuts were single rows of dal  (lentils).  And there were also some beans.  He showed us also the deep wide well which used to be filled by the nearby river.  It was now completely dry.  We said our goodbyes and departed.  About a kilometer further we found another of the convoy vehicles. The boys had stopped to take refreshments at the roadside.  They had extra food packets.  We took four of these and returned to the farmer. Swami had not forgotten him.  He got his full share, not as we had expected, but got it he did.  Such are the mysteries of the Lord.  

Jai Sai Ram.

Posted on 24.1.2004 by Jay Sai Ram