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Parthi Update 

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Parthi Update


Yesterday evening two students spoke, and one of them talked about some of the miracles devotees experienced. Like once when a devotee was rushing to catch his plane but still was a bit far from the air port, he got a taxi which got him in time for the flight, and once he reached Puttaparthi Swami asked him how much did he pay for the taxi, that's when the devotee realizes he didn't pay for the taxi in his hurry. Then Swami said that this taxi driver does not take money, only helps there were many such incidents mentioned.

Posted on 25.12.2004



Bhagawan came for Darshan at 3.35 p.m. He came onto the dais and stood there holding the railings. All the guest speakers who had come for the Economics National Workshop were seated to His right. Believe it or not, for the next 40 minutes Swami stood there holding the railings! We were all praying that He should sit down but He kept standing, conducting the programme for the evening. And what was the programme. It was a variety show directed by Bhagawan Himself. It started with a Vedam explanation session. Swami called the American student to chant Purusha Suktam and asked Mr. Vedanarayana to stand next to him and give the explanation.


A few minutes later, Swami called a few more school boys to join in chanting the Vedam. They would chant a few lines and Sri Vedanarayana would give the meaning and related explanations in a very coherent way and with a loud voice to reach out to as many as possible without a mike.


After the Vedam explanation session, Swami called for one Bhajan singer and asked him to start songs. He went back, got ready with the instruments and then we had several group songs in Telugu. Bhagawan finally sat down on the sofa after 40 minutes of standing. He called one Under Graduate student and spoke to him for a while. The interaction went on for quite some time and only later we realize that Swami was preparing him to give a talk.


Therefore, after the songs, Swami asked two boys to share their experiences with the audience. Both of them spoke of experiences, some personal and others of devotees. Finally to top it all we had a few Bhajans and by 5.15 p.m., Bhagawan took Aarti and retired for the day.


Incidentally, the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science (DMACS) is having a workshop on “Scientific Computing” starting from tomorrow. It will be a two day workshop.


Christmas is coming close. Decorations have already begun in the Mandir. They are following the modular approach. Every evening we go and find a new set of decorations have been added onto the existing ones. On the 25th it will reach a climax, setting the stage for singing the glory of Lord Christ!!


We’ll get back to you with updates on Christmas celebrations at His Lotus Feet.





Dear Brother / Sister




This evening Swami came out for Darshan at 3.50 p.m. He came and sat on the sofa amidst the Vedic chants. After a while He beckoned for Prof. Anil Kumar and spoke to him about something. It looked as though Swami was giving him some instructions. Soon it was clear that Prof. Anil Kumar was going to address the gathering in the Sai Kulwant Hall. The mike was arranged and the podium set in place.


Prof. Anil Kumar took his place and started his talk. We were wondering what he would speak and what is it that Swami had asked him to communicate to all of us. Prof. Anil Kumar began his talk at 4.20 p.m., recalling the wonderful Kavi Sammelan (Gathering of Poets) we had a few days back wherein great poets from Andhra Pradesh had assembled at Prasanthinilayam to sing the Glory of our Lord in their poetic language!!


Prof. Anil Kumar recalled similar instances earlier when great poets and the like had visited Bhagawan and had paid their tributes to Him with their unique compositions. One humorous incident that he recalled was related to Prof. Kasturi. On one occasion when many poets had assembled at Prasanthinilayam, Prof. Kasturi was standing in a corner watching the show. Bhagawan went to him and asked him as to what he was going to speak in the evening. Swami Himself replied smilingly, “What else, you will sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, How I Wonder What You Are…”


The genius that Prof. Kasturi was, he held on to this phrase and based his entire talk that day, on this line. He addressed the audience saying, “Have you all ever heard this rhyme – Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Have You Wondered What You Are?” Just by twisting the last part, he gave a spiritual dimension to the whole rhyme. He said that we all are like twinkling little stars in God’s kingdom. But have we ever wondered who we are, what is our Truth? We all are His sparks and not different from Him.


On another occasion, a poet by name Pichhe Sastry prostrated at Bhagawan’s Feet singing a poem – O Swami, here is this lamp at Your Feet. The oil is exhausted, life of the flame is coming to an end and here I have come to You, to light this lamp again…..


On yet another occasion, another well known poet named Krishna Sastry sang to the Lord – O Lord, here I am, one without any virtues nor a saint…How can I ever get You? The poet was standing so close to Swami while singing this poem. Swami replied by singing the same poem but just changing the last few words. He told the poet to sing it, not as – How can I ever get You but as – How have I already got You? That is the beauty of Bhagawan’s wittiness and spontaneity.


Prof. Anil Kumar then went on to say that Bhagawan is omniscient and is aware of everything that is going on all around the world. There is no need to fear anything when He is by our side. Frustration is a word to be forgotten by Sai devotees. Sai Undaga Ela Nirasha? (Why frustration when Sai is there?) Bhagawan knows the contents of the letters we write to Him, even before we write them. To illustrate this, Prof. Anil Kumar quoted the example of Sri K.M. Munshi of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. When Munshiji came to Swami several years back, with a paper consisting of 12 questions that he wanted to place before Him, Bhagawan called him inside for an interview.


In the interview room, Swami answered all the questions one by one in the same order, even before Munshiji could remove the paper from his pocket!! Not just that, Bhagawan also asked him as to why he had not added the 13th question regarding the problem he had with his shivering hands that was bothering him a lot!! That is the all-knowing Bhagawan!!


Once when a devotee remarked, “Swami, You are taking care of me like the eyelids takes care of the eye”, Bhagawan immediately replied, “No, even more than that!”


Then came the actual crux of the talk. Prof. Anil Kumar said that there are so many old people in Prasanthinilayam. They have retired from worldly life but Bhagawan has re-tyred them!! In fact, Prasanthinilayam is one place where you will find maximum number of re-tyred people working and offering their services selflessly. Bhagawan is taking care of all of them.


In His Mercy and Compassion, Bhagawan has decided to Bless all these couples in a very grand way. All the couples in Prasanthinilayam, whose husbands are above 70 and 75 years of age, are requested to register their names in the office and be present here by January 10th. After the commencement of Uttarayana (Sankranti), the celebration will take place. Bhagawan will perform the Shastipoorti ceremony for these couples. This is a ritual where the senior couples will be re-married in a ceremonious manner (just as it is done in the regular marriage) to mark the entry into a new phase of their life. This is like a spiritual marriage for the couple!!


There will be no dearth of the gifts that are going to be showered on them by Bhagaawn. Gold ornaments, silk saris and dhotis and what not…This is the Love and Compassion of the Lord. When young people run to Swami, Swami runs to shower His Grace on the old people who are unable to walk. The timing too is so appropriate as this year is dedicated to old people.


Prof. Anil Kumar concluded his talk and took his seat next to Swami. The next speaker was the Vice Chancellor, Sri S.V. Giri. Sri Giri Garu also expressed his joy and gratitude at this most benedictory act of Bhagawan. Old age is the time when people have physical and mental problems. This is the period when they need support. Bhagawan conducting this ceremony is symbolic of that support and concern for them!!


Today, in the world, old people are ignored. In many families, sons leave their parents to be on their own, without any hesitation. With nuclear families proliferating rapidly old age homes have become the need of the hour. Old people, though may not be deprived of financial assistance, are thirsty for emotional and psychological support. At such times, Bhagawan’s Blessing in the form of this ceremony has come as a Divine assurance of His Love and Concern. Even if there is nobody else, God is always there to take care of all of us. The talk concluded at 5.15 p.m. There were a few Bhajans after which Bhagawan retired to PC.


Thus the 80th year of the Avataar is going to commence in such a sacred and wonderful way by way of _expression of gratitude to the septuagenarians who have moulded and shaped the generation of today!!


Today and tomorrow, the Economics Department of the SSSIHL is having a worshop on the theme, “Agricultural Economy and Rural Development”.





Yesterday and today, there was regular morning and evening Darshan. We students especially had a very good time in the evening because both yesterday and today, Bhagawan sat outside full time. All had a wonderful Darshan. Vedam was going on throughout the session.


Before we go into the details of yesterday and today, let us tell you about the grand Kavi Sammelan (Poet’s Meet) that we had day before yesterday evening, i.e. on the 15th evening.  





This evening, Swami came and sat down on the sofa. Vedam was going on full time until 4.50 p.m. In the meantime, Swami called for our Controller of Examinations – Prof. Nanjundaiah. The October Examination Results seemed to have arrived and Swami was shown the profile cards of all the toppers. Bhagawan spent nearly half an hour and more in looking at each profile card and making several enquiries to the Controller. It was a sight to watch! What concern and what involvement! Can we ever dream of finding any University in the world where the Chancellor of the University would spend so much time on matters related to students and grades!! That is Bhagawan!!


Then, Swami spoke to Sri Gangadhar Shetty, Dr. Padmanabhan and Sri Nagappa who had come over to Parthi from Bangalore. Tomorrow several devotees are arriving at Parthi from Karnataka for having Bhagawan’s Darshan. Swami spoke to these office bearers for a long time. It was a very involved and hearty conversation! We enjoyed watching the whole scene. At 4.50 p.m. Bhagawan asked for the Bhajans to start. The boys sang two Bhajans and Swami got up but He asked the Bhajan to continue. One singer started the song, “Allah Ho Akbar, Allah Ho Akbar”. Swami stood catching the railings, until the Bhajan was over. Then He signaled for the Aarti. Meanwhile the golf cart came onto the dais close to Swami so that Bhagawan could get in easily.


But you know our dear Lord!! He asked Sri Padmanabhan (the chauffer) to go back to the main Portico! So Sri Padmanabhan had to drive out, take a reverse and come back into position on the main Portico. Swami went walking to the golf cart, got in and moved towards His abode.


Sports Meet fever is catching on. All event practices have started. The cultural competitions are going on in full swing. This morning we had the Vocal (Singing) competition and yesterday evening we had the Debate Competition. The topic for the Debate was “Right and Wrong depend upon Situations and Circumstances”.


Christmas is coming close and all students are busy learning Carols. Every day we are having full fledged practice sessions. Well that’s all for this update.





This evening, the Vice Captain of the Institute was sitting in the front line for Darshan. The Captains and Vice-captains have been trying to involve Swami in the Sports events, some way or the other. Bhagawan had earlier Blessed both the Institute Captain and Vice-captain. Today, Swami called the Vice-captain and asked him the meaning of Captain.


This came as a surprise to the boy and he did not know what to reply. After a few moments he said that a Captain is a leader of a group or a team. “Then, who is a Vice-captain?” asked Bhagawan. The student replied, “Swami, the Vice-captain is next to the Captain”. Swami smiled and went on to say that both the Captain and the Vice-captain are like the right and left legs of an individual. One can walk only when both the legs work in perfect harmony. This is the way a Captain and a Vice-captain should function.


The student was very pleased with the invaluable interaction and he prayed to Swami to Bless the football match that would be held the next day. Swami smiled and said that He would surely Bless (in His own way of course!!!….)





The Vice Chancellor – Prof. G.V. Subramanyam of Potti Sriramulu Telugu University at Hyderabad had planned for a grand Kavi Sammelan in the Divine Presence. He had brought with him 11 more, well known and renowned Telugu poets. The programme was to be held on the 14th and 15th. However, by Divine Will it was held on the 15th evening.


Sofas were arranged on the dais and Swami’s Chair was placed right at the centre. All the poets were seated down on the dais. Bhagawan came and took His chair. Then, Mr. Chakravarthi, the secretary of Central Trust, introduced the poets one by one as they came forward, sought Blessings from Bhagawan and took their seats. All the poets were from Andhra Pradesh and the title of this Kavi Sammelan was “Sri Sathya Sai Divya Vaibhavamu”. All the poets were devotees of Bhagawan.


After all the 12 poets were seated on their chairs, Swami asked Mr. Chakravarthi, the Vice-Chancellor Sri S.V. Giri and the former Vice-Chancellor Prof. G. Venkataraman also to take their seats along with the poets.


For those who are interested and keen on knowing the names of the poets – here they are:


1)          Dr. U. Satyanarayana – Winner of the Central Sahitya Academy Award

2)          Dr. G. Narasimha Rao – Known for having composed 750 poems on the spot - impromptu

3)          Sri R. Kavita Prasad – An Avadhani, Renowned for composing 300 poems in one hour

4)          Prof. D. Ramabrahmam – An Avadhani, an Orator and Winner of the Central Sahitya Academy Award

5)          Sri M. Prasidhipati – Has translated several Upanishads into Telugu

6)          Dr. M.S. Reddy – Producer of Films such as ‘Sri Krishna Vijayam’, ‘Bala Ramayanam’…

7)          Dr. U. Mallakunda Reddy – Great Educationist and Physician

8)          Dr. Jandhyala Bhati Shankar

9)          Dr. J. Bapu Reddy – IAS

10)      Dr. T.V. Narayana – A great Scholar in the Vedas and the Upanishads

11)      Dr. J. Ramalingeshwara Rao – Dialogue Writer and Lyricist, Commentator for Bhagawan’s 69th Birthday programme

12)      Prof. G.V. Subramanyam – Vice-chancellor of Potti Sriramulu Telugu University at Hyderabad, Winner of State and Central Sahitya Academy Award


Bhagawan stopped the Vedam Chanting at 3.10 p.m. Each poet then came onto the podium and read out or sang out his poem. It was a treat to our ears and more so for those who could understand Telugu. All of them sang in praise of our Lord and it gave a feel of what it would have been in earlier years in the Durbar of the kings when poets would exhibit their mastery and talent!!


The presentation went on till 4.50 p.m. Bhagawan then honoured each of the poets with a beautiful shawl that He placed over their shoulders. He also Blessed Mr. Chakravarthi, Sri S.V. Giri and Prof. G. Venkataraman with shawls. Then Swami asked the Vedic Chants to continue. He called the two foreign students, one from U.S. and the other from Lithuania – to chant Vedam. The poets were amazed to see these two boys chanting Vedam as though they knew it from births!!


Subsequently, Bhagawan called for our student Telugu poet – Sri Ranganatha Raju from the II M.A. class. You would have heard him on several occasions before speaking in the Divine Presence in Sai Kulwant Hall. Poetic Telugu flows from his mouth like the river Ganges. Swami asked him to sum up all that the poets had spoken, in a few lines. Sri Ranganatha Raju spoke eloquently and it was an apt ending to the wonderful evening presentation.


It was 5.10 p.m. when Swami moved towards the golf cart. As He moved forward, He called all the poets and gave them photographs. Swami got into the golf cart and retired to the PC abode even as all the people in the Verandah started congratulating the lucky poets.



posted on 19.12.2004



The Unexpected has happened. After quenching the thirst of Chennai Swamy has filled our heart with joy and happiness with the wonderful Darshan which is not to be forgetted in the life time.

This might be a lengthier mail but I do not know how to express my feeling. Please forgive me if I have committed any mistake.

I and my family were among the the Chennaities who were present in Parthi on 11& 12th. To Add more what Vijaya Sairam has told We were totally upset on 11th as there was no Darshan of Swamy.  I have taken with me my friend who was to have Darshan of Swamy for the first time in his life. The other person who was to have the first Darshan in the life time was my wife.  I also had with me my 78 yrs old father who was very tired due to journey in the bus which started from Sundaram.

Not only me but all the devotees who have come from Chennai were really down. When we were told that for the past two day it is happening like this and Swamy is giving Darshan only once.  Hearing this we were consoled and went to our sheds hopping and praying that we will have the Darshan in the evening.  We were asked to assemble at 1.00 PM near the Gopuram gate. We did the same and were seated in the Kulwant Hall by 2.00 -2.30 PM.  Time was passing 3,4, there was no sign of Darshan. Around 5.00 PM some devotees started getting up and were standing as they lost hope.  Then we were informed that Swamy is not going to come.  Now, another blow all of us were totally gone some came to conclusion that we will be returning to Chenani without Darshan.

We returned to our Sheds hoping Swamy will definitely given Darshan on Sunday.  Samithi members started Bhajans in there shed and were praying to Swamy to bless them with the Darshan.

The next day we were asked to assemble at 4.00 AM in the same place.  With lots of hopes and prayers we were sitting in the Kulwant Hall.  As Vjaya Sairam told our doubts were baseless. Around 7.15 AM we had the Darshan of the Divine Lord.  But we were really upset seeing his condition.  Some of them were in tears including me. But, we were blessed by the Prema Sagara. This shows Swamy will definitely answer your prayers which he has done. The Chennaities were thrilled and left the Hall after the Bhajan with full satisfaction.

For the evening Darshan there was no any specific instructions.  We were asked to vacate the shed by 2'o clock.  Due to this instruction we thought that there is no Darshan in the evening.  Devotees were having there own perceptions.  They were told 90% there is no chance for evening Darshan. We consoled ourselves and started packing our things. Most of us including were involved in bring the luggage to our respective buses which was around 2-45 PM.  At this time  we heard the Chanting of Vedam we were thrilled. We just dumped the luggages in the bus and ran towards the Kulwanth Hall. There we saw our beloved Lord sitting in his Sofa. To quote from Sai writer Ra. Ganapathy he is really LEELA NATAKA SAI.

Most of them were surprised to see him there.  Seeing the condition in the morning we did not expect this wonderful Darshan. At this juncture I recollected the sayings of Swamy EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED.

When we heard that Swamy was proceeding towards the Orphanage in the Benz car all of them who were near the canteen area started running towards Shanthi Bhavan were the car was sighted.  I really did not know how I personally ran toward the car since I had problem in  my knee due to which I could not ran fast and climb the steps very fast.  At last we had the glimpses of Swamy near the Ground behind the overseas Devotees  quarters.  The devotees who did not come to the Darshan due to there old age were really surprised at this sudden Darshan.  Again the Unexpected has happened. To quote Vijaya Sairam the Chennaities  will never forget this experience.

The Chennai devotees hearts which was filled with  sorrow and who were upset due to non-darshan on Saturday were filled with joy and happiness.

The only pain which we had is some of the Samithis have left the Prashanthi  missing this wonderful Darshan.

We had a safer and faster journey with the grace of our lord and reached Chennai at 4.30 AM on Monday (particularly our bus. After this Darshan I am praying to our lord for the past two days to get well soon.


Lovingly consented by Balaji Nagarajan

Courtesy Saibaba News. Posted on 13.12.2004




Thousands of devotees from Tamilnadu – Chennai – to be specific, flocked into the Sai Kulwant Hall this morning to seek the Blessings of Bhagawan Baba and to express their heart felt gratitude to Him for letting His Love flow unto them in the form of Sai Ganga through the KandaleruPoondi Canal. As you may know, water was released from river Krishna into the KandaleruPoondi canal on the 23rd of November, with the Blessings of Bhagawan. Earlier it would take almost 10 days for the water to reach Poondi (Chennai) from Kandaleru (Nellore in A.P.) – not to mention the quantity of water that would reach after all the seepage etc.


Now the water released reached the dry end of Poondi at zero point in Chennai in just 4 days!! From here, the water moves on to quench the thirsty and parched throats of the Chennaites!!  The devotees had assembled in the Sai Kulwant Hall yesterday itself for Darshan in the afternoon. But Swami did not give Darshan yesterday full day. In fact, in the past few days, Bhagawan had not come out on two mornings.


Therefore, we all sat expectantly in the Kulwant Hall this morning. Many of us felt that it was very unlikely that Bhagawan would come out. We are not very sure of the reason, but obviously it must be some suffering that our Lord has chosen to take upon Himself for the benefit of humanity!! Lord Christ carried the Cross just once at the end of His life but His Divine Father carries the Cross every moment for redeeming mankind from the clutches of his own doings!!


However, our doubts were baseless. Can anything ever come between the Lord and His devotees? The prayers of the thousands of Chennaites were answered as our beautiful Lord entered the Sai Kulwant Hall at around 7.15 a.m. in the Lamburgini. He took a full round of the hall, reached the interview room and continued further. So we thought that Swami will be going back to PC. But though the cart took a turn towards PC, Swami indicated to brother Satyajit to turn again into the Kulwant Hall. All were delighted to see Swami again!!


This time the Lamburgini stationed itself in the inner portico. Bhagawan was talking to an elderly man and gave him some instructions. This elderly person was Sri Arjun Raja, Member on the Board of RAMCO, from Chennai. Brother Nitin Acharya led him to the podium which was already stationed on the dais. The Sundaram Bhajan singers were seated in the front row, just next to our core Vedam group. Therefore, some prior intimation would have been there for these arrangements to be made.


Sri Arjun Raja took his position behind the podium as the Lamburgini maneuvered itself to be stationed next to the podium, facing the devotees. All could have a clear Darshan of Bhagawan! It was very difficult to describe how Bhagawan looked. There was the Divine Glow of His Majesty but there was also some evidence of the ‘suffering’ that possibly His body would have gone through…... Well, this could be just our imagination too. He appears to each one as they feel. Yad Bhavam Tad Bhavati!!


It was 7.30 a.m. Sri Arjun Raja offered his Pranaams to Bhagawan and on behalf of all assembled over there, he expressed his deep sense of gratitude to Bhagawan for the Love showered by Him in the form of Sai Ganga for Chennai. He was followed by Sri G.K. Raman, Tamilnadu Sri Sathya Sai Trust Convenor (and Chairman of Royal Sundaram Insurance), who introduced the two speakers for the morning.


The first speaker was Prof. G. Venkataraman whom we all know very well. Prof. G.V. spoke in Tamil so that most of the devotees would be able to follow. He gave all the statistics and the details of the entire project in a very meticulous manner. The devotees were in a very exalted state and any reference to the Water project attracted loud applauds from them. From this, one could understand the deep sense of joy and happiness that these devotees had as a result of their intense need for water being fulfilled by Bhagawan!!


When Prof. G.V. started speaking at 7.45 a.m., the Lamburgini maneuvered itself out of the dais and proceeded towards the PC. All devotees turned towards Swami and kept watching Him as the cart glided towards the PC Hall. Prof. G.V. however, kept the audience gripped with his heart felt and revealing coverage of this Labour of Love!!


The second speaker was Sri Mohan Rangan, Chairman of the Cauvery Water Tribunal Committee and Advisor to the Sai Ganga Project and Advisor to the Government for Water Resource Management. Mr. Mohan spoke initially in Telugu and then in English covering almost the same aspects as Prof. G. Venkataraman but in English, especially for the benefit of the students, as he indicated. Mr. Mohan was associated with this Project right from its start on the 11th of March 2002, when his team went to this canal for the first time to make a survey and submit a report to the Central Trust.


Amidst all the striking details that they covered, which you can surely hear on the Radio Sai Global harmony in a few days, the most striking one was that the water was released from Kandaleru on 23rd November which happens to be the Birth date of Bhagawan. The water then reached zero point at Poondi on the 27th of November which happened to be the star Birthday of Bhagawan!! That is His Leela!! The Canal as you know has been named by the Andhra Pradesh Government as the Sai Ganga Canal instead of the erstwhile name of Telugu Ganga Canal.


By the time both the speakers completed their talks, it was 8.30 a.m. This was the first time that we had some programme in the Sai Kulwant Hall, especially talks by eminent people in Swami’s physical absence. It seemed strange, but then we are now getting used to everything. As He Wills!!


Bhajans started at 8.30 a.m. Laddu Prasadam was distributed to all staff, students and devotees. Aarti was offered at 9.00 a.m.


Came afternoon and even as we hurried into the Kulwant Hall at 3.00 p.m. our most dear Lord was already seated on the sofa and the Sundaram Bhajan group were playing the violin with all gaiety! We were truly taken by surprise!! What a sudden change!! Swami looked absolutely normal, back to His usual Self!! That is our Lord! Can we ever understand Him?? Should we even try to??


After the violin recital we had a few devotional songs and then Bhagawan got up, took Aarti and went towards the golf cart. Prasadam was distributed. Bhagawan got into the cart and moved inside the PC complex. All devotees got up to go out. It was just 3.50 p.m. and we too hesitantly got up when there was a sudden hush! Bhagawan was coming in again, but this time through the main gate in front of the Gopuram. All the devotees rushed towards the side wall to catch a glimpse of Bhagawan. Swami came in smiling in the golf cart. There was a twinkle in His eyes that said it all!! The Leelas of God!!


As the golf act moved towards the Ladies side, the women devotees clapped in a frenzy!! Who on earth could make the masses so enthralled with just a sight? Anybody other then the Divine? Impossible!! The golf cart moved into the PC complex. This time, we sat down being wiser! Again there was a hush, but this time the cart did not appear.


However, we all kept sitting as news came that there would be regular Bhajans at 5.00 p.m. Around 4.30 p.m., there was some commotion and again devotees rushed towards the side wall of the Mandir. After a few minutes we saw Bhagawan coming in the White Benz car into the Kulwant Hall. Later we discovered from the core Vedam group who had gone behind Swami, that Bhagawan had been to the Deenajanodarana Padakam (Orphanage) to see His dear children over there. The Mother is always concerned about her children!! The Core Vedam group teachers and staff accompany Swami whenever He moves around like this, within the Ashram.


The Benz car went past the Ladies side, again amidst a loud clapping, towards the Poornachandra Hall. Bhagawan retired for the day. Bhajans started at 5.00 p.m. and at 5.10 p.m. Aarti was offered and we all got back to our regular chores. We are sure that the Chennai devotees would never forget this memorable experience with Swami. Bhagawan makes these moments memorable for us by doing something like this out of the way. We may possibly forget the experience of a regular Darshan but not an ‘out of the way’ one like this!!


Let us all express gratitude to our Lord for this great act of compassion and Love that He has showered on the Chaennai residents and let us all pray for peace in the World!!






Bhagawan has been giving Darshan every morning and afternoon as usual. On the 7th morning, we were told that Swami came out in a new Golf Cart. We students were not there as it was not a Sunday. But what we heard from others was that it was a very good looking Golf Cart ? custom made one ? for Bhagawan. Though Bhagawan came for Darshan in it, He sent it back and called for the previous one while returning to PC. Again in the evening though we waited expectantly to see the new cart, we could not get the chance. Since then Swami has again been coming in the old Golf Cart only. Reason unknown?..

Today marked yet another milestone in the major projects of Bhagawan. As you may be aware, a residential complex was under construction for the Nurses and their families in the Super Specialty Complex at Prashantigram. This noble endeavour was taken up by the Central Trust and was sponsored by Dr. Pillai from Singapore. Dr. Pillai wished to offer this residential complex for the nurses of the hospital in memory of his late wife Smt. Manonmani. Thus the complex is named as "Sai Manonmani Nurses Residential Complex". This complex was inaugurated in the morning. Detailed report follows:

This morning, Bhagawan came out for Darshan at 7.30 a.m. The Vedam core group was chanting away to glory! As Bhagawan approached them, He asked them to go to the Hospital for the inauguration ceremony. A van was arranged for them and was waiting outside the Mandir.

Bhagawan took a full round of the Sai Kulwant Hall, came onto the dais and stood there for some time. Later, He called for the Toyota Prius car. The car came gliding in and in the meantime, the Vedam members rushed to their van for going to the Hospital. Bhagawan asked Prof. Ramamoorthy to accompany Him in the car. Prof. Ramamoorthy was delighted to be witness to the Divine event!! We owe our gratitude to Prof. Ramamoorthy who has shared all these happenings with us.

At the Hospital, two Shamiyanas (Pendals) were put up. One for Bhagawan and His team, and the other for the Youth and Balvikas from Singapore who had come over here to participate in this function. These youth and children from Singapore were seated in the Pendal and were singing Bhajans, awaiting the arrival of Bhagawan.

There is a separate entrance from the main road to this Residential Complex and therefore one need not go through the main gate of the Super Specialty Hospital. At around 8.30 a.m., our dear Lord arrived at the main gate of the Residential Complex. The Vedam group led Swami?s car in a procession to the Pendal where Swami was supposed to be seated. Bhagawan reached the venue. There was a white marble slab with the name of the complex ? a plaque ? that was to be unveiled by Bhagawan. Sitting in the car itself, Swami pressed a remote button and the plaque was unveiled amidst the chants of Bhu Suktam and Vastu Suktam.

Swami did not get down to sit on the sofa. He first wanted to see around the complex. Therefore the Prius took Bhagawan on a tour through the number of multi storeyed buildings that form part of this residential complex. There are quarters for singles as well as families. After a while, Bhagawan returned to the Shamiyana and got down. He sat down on the sofa kept for Him. All the while Bhajans and Vedam chanting was going on. Swami then spent the next few minutes talking to Dr. Pillai and his family members and relatives who were all gathered around Bhagawan. It was a very close and heart to heart conversation. Swami materialized a beautiful necklace (Japamala??) for Dr. Pillai who was visibly touched!! The necklace was unusually a large one and had a number of multi coloured stones/beads.

After the family interaction, Bhagawan got up and walked to the block where the ceremonial ribbon was tied. With a snap of the scissors, Swami formally inaugurated the "Sai Manonmani Nurses Residential Complex". Chocolates were distributed to all present. Swami then got into the car and drove through the main hospital complex and went out from the Main Gate of the Super Specialty Hospital. The Prius sped away through the bye-pass route leading to the rear end of the Ashram and into the PC.

In the evening, Bhagawan came out for Darshan and sat down on the sofa. After a long gap of several days, we once again had the opportunity of having Swami sit on the dais for the entire session. He sat over there delighting all of us with His Divine Darshan amidst loud and enchanting Vedic chants! At around 4.45 p.m., He got up, got into the golf cart and moved towards PC.

Meanwhile, the shutters of Poornachandra Hall were opening one by one and we guessed that there would be some programme and so it was. There was a cultural programme ? a drama ? Sri Adi Sankaracharya - by the Sri Sathya Sai Bal Vikas children of Singapore.

Swami came outside into the PC Hall at 5.15 p.m. The drama was a good one. There were two or three sisters who were compering the entire play and would come onto the stage from time to time to explain the context and the details. Rest of it was enacted by the children.

They covered most of the episodes in the life of Adi Sankara, starting from his birth in Kaladi, Kerala, to the offering of milk by young Sankara to Goddess Rajarajeswari. It went on to show the incident of Sankara begging for alms and chanting of the Kanakadhara Stotram. Then came the scene where Sankara pleads with his mother to permit him to take up Sanyasa. The crocodile episode followed.

Later comes the life of Sankara as a teacher. Several disciples flock to him. The story of Padmapada who miraculously crosses the raging river Ganga on foot, the story of Hastamalaka, Thotaka ? the disciples of Sankara; keeps the play going. Then comes the demise of Sankara?s mother followed by the well known debate of Sankara with Mandana Mishra & Ubhaya Bharti as the judge ? which Swami often speaks about. The drama concluded with the scene of Sankara establishing the 4 Maths at Sringeri in the South, Badri in the North, Dwaraka in the West and Puri in the East.

Jagadguru Sri Adi Sankaracharya finally ascends the Seat of Omniscience ? the Sarvagnya Peetham. The play concluded at 6.25 p.m. Bhagawan went up, took Aarti and retired for the day.

That's it for now. A piece of information for you. Those who wish to apply for the Management Programme in our Institute will have to appear for an Entrance Examination that will be conducted by our Institute itself. If you recall, last year all Institutes had to adopt scores of CAT, MAT and other nationally accepted examinations. However, this rule does not apply now. Hence the candidate need not appear for any of these exams. Our Institute will conduct the Entrance examination as usual in the month of May 2005.


Lovingly consented by Anantha of Mumbai

Courtesy : Saibaba News - Posted on 10.12.2004