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Updates from Parthi


Baba 1/16/06

Sai Ram,

A lot happening here.

Two full days as we celebrated two holidays with two wonderful performances by the Brindavan boys with lots of prop in their hour long production. It is obvious the love between Baba and them.

Awards were given out to some of the participants of sports day. Baba gave a long discourse.

It was finally announced that Baba is going to Chennai. I heard he rented a plane and is leaving on the 18th although others say it will be early the 19th.

Wooden barriers have been put up on most of the way to the airport.

It is uncertain how long Baba will be in Chennai but it will be at least four days.

I was told that this yagna is going to be more special than the one that was held in August.

I am leaving on the 17th for Bangalore and Chennai on the 18th. I have a place to stay across from the site.

I have had some interesting challenges but whatever happens it is better to be here with it happening than anywhere else.

The more the outer world throws stuff at you through other devotees, rickshaw drivers, merchants etc. the more it becomes evident that the solutions are within. Even when things are obviously not your fault, look within.

Introspection going on.

It is nice when people write to say that they enjoyed something I wrote but it would be great if you included information about what is happening on your end.


Baba 1/10/07

Sai Ram,

The big talk around here is about Sports Day and Chennai.

Sports Day has been changed to the 12th instead of the 11th. Rumor has it that it was changed because the 11th fell on a Thursday.

The students from Whitefield, Anantapur and Puttaparthi have been busy practising. Baba has made several visits to the site.

I am convinced that Baba is going to Chennai. Rumor has it that it will be on the 18th. My sources tell me that he is leaving early on the 19th.

I made plans to go. I have a hotel across the street from the site and will be flying on the 18th. I am going to Bangalore on the 17th to take care of some errands.

Baba is expected to stay the full 12 days. At any rate, we will see what actually happens.

Morning sessions goes from 4 to 10 a.m. with afternoon from 2 to 6 p.m.

My apartment is great. It is Baba's blessing.

The crowds are small. I expect that it will increase a bit for this weekend.

The weather has been pleasant with predawn being a bit cool.

Baba's vibration remains wonderful. His love ever penetrating and blessing all.


Sai Ram,

Happy New Year.
1/1/07 = 9
2007 = 9

First New Years Day.

I had asked several people yesterday whether there would be anything special today, the answer I got was no. It turned out I asked the wrong people.

This morning as I arrived at 4:45a.m. to line up for a bench seat, I found that everyone was already seated and that there was going to be a special program. All the seats were taken. What to do?

As I walked, my name was called by someone, who never comes to darshan before 7:00,sitting on the bench and he had a space for me. Thank you Baba.

The morning and afternoon programs were filled with music, wonderful loving spiritual music.

There was no discourse.

This morning there was a bit of mayhem as calendars were passed out. There were plenty for everyone. Yet, some people felt that there wouldn't be. They started grabbing calendars away from those who were passing them out. In the process ripping some of them. 

Prasad was distributed but many people didn't get any.

It was a wonderful way to start the year. We had about 3 1/2 hours of darshan.

More Christmas news.

On Christmas Eve, Baba told Sylvia, the conductor of the adult choir, that "I am very happy".

Also people confirmed that Baba didn't want to leave.

I hope I get this picture. Someone told me yesterday that he was going to give me a picture taken on Christmas Eve of Baba shedding tear(s).


I am now in my new apartment. I moved in Friday morning. It happened quickly.

It is a five minute walk down Samadhi Road. It is two large rooms, two bathrooms (Indian & Western), kitchen,  fans, hot water in both bathrooms and kitchen. There is plenty of sunshine and it is in a quiet area. I have a great dhobi. The rent is very reasonable.

I am a permanent tenant of this unit and the owner will return next November when we will share it for two months. He leaves at the end of December.

I like it. It has been great.


Rumors are flying that Baba is going to Chennai on the 16th because of the yagna starting on the 19th. I am not convinced that it is true. I am planning to go for a few days to see the yagna.

Be Happy

Baba 12/27/06

Sai Ram,

This Christmas has been the best I have ever had. It was absolutely incredible.

Christmas eve, the children and adult choirs were allowed to perform before Baba.

As we waited for hours for Baba to make his appearance we wondered whether permission would be granted. Meanwhile, the choirs positioned themselves, chair people were seated and foreigners were placed in a special section closer to Baba.

Baba came to rest on his chair on the verandah. The children choir did a magnificent job. The adult choir performed about 15 songs. These songs were all devotional toward Baba with a few mentioning Jesus.

After the performance was over Baba went into the interview room and reappeared a few minutes later. He gave out two saris. Prasad consisting of small apples were distributed. With his right hand raised he blessed the women and then the men. When he got into the car he blessed everyone again.

The canteen was decorated outside and inside. There was a nativity scene in the middle outside and angels hanging from the ceiling inside as well as Baba laying on a quarter moon. They had a special holiday meal which cost 40 rupees for whatever you ate.

Both food lines were the longest I remember seeing.

Christmas morning started early with everyone having to be there by 4 a.m. to be seated by 5:00 before omkar starts. As the outside group marched singing bhajans as usual, the choir sang about five Christmas carols which were repeated as a set until the voices singing bhajans were heard.

It became a waiting game as Baba's boys came in about 7 a.m. to set up. Baba came out about 8:15. We were relieved to finally see him. There were three music groups. The first were a group of violinist who seemed to be younger. The second group consisted of horns and drums etc. played very well. The third group consisted of more modern instruments and beat.

Earlier a few younger boys dressed as Santa ran around throwing candy to people. Now several adult did the same.

Baba had two types or prasad given out a small apple and a sweet.

Baba walked to the ramp on the men's side and proceed to walk among the boys and kept walking in front of the verandah to the female side where the pleas of his assistants gave way to him sitting in the chair. He proceeded on the female side around the mandir toward the back row with a right to the center line where he proceeded to go to the men's side and return to the verandah. It was an incredible experience watching Baba mix with the people. It was bliss.

Finally about 10:30, it was over.

The afternoon consisted of two speakers and a long discourse by Baba.

On Christmas eve as Baba sat in his chair he was happy. I never gave credence to reports of Baba appearing happy because god is always happy. But that night as I watched him closely, there was no other way to describe what I was seeing other than happiness.

Furthermore, at two points, I saw light descend vertical into or from Baba and horizontal across the upper chest at the same time.

This cross of light turned into a circle of yellow or gold light surrounding Baba.

At one point, when the choir was singing for god to bless the world with peace and next line with peace, I saw Baba's eyes turn momentarily upward as he communicated with the invisible heavenly beings to spread this love and peace around the world even through the universe.

When Baba went into the interview room, we figured it was over. But no. Coming from the room was a tremendous gold or yellow circle of light that eventually covered everyone there.

Then Baba reappeared at the railing to bless everyone with his raised right hand. When he got into the car, he once again raised his hand and blessed everyone.

It was an overwhelming experience.

For the three events, there was no doubt in my mind that Baba was happy. He responded to the love that everyone was outpouring toward him and each other. I believe that the more devotees pour their love toward Baba, the more time he spends with them and the more he does.

These Christmas experiences changed me. I am different. I am not sure how or in what way but I've changed.

The holiday and Baba's energy poured over to the canteen and to my dorm. It was great to be here. I now understand why I hadn't been allowed to move out of the ashram before Christmas. I would had missed out on a lot.

It is only a day or two since then but I feel loved and appreciated by many people around. It is great to feel that way.

There are more personal experiences than there is time or space to write about.

This place is heaven on Earth.


Baba 12/20/06

Sai Ram,

Christmas choir rehersals and preparations are proceeding nicely.

Permission has been given to decorate the hall starting the 21st evening.

The weather is cool in the morning and pleasantly sunny daytime.

There has not been the swelling of people that I expected. Probably it will occur on the weekend.

The apartment that I have been waiting for since October is no longer available.

I have to start looking again.

I remain happy and without doubt that there is no place else I rather be but I am facing some challenges. Two friends in the past day have  disappointed me greatly. Another a few weeks ago.

I know these are to help me grow. I have to pray to Baba more. Give him more trash to take away.

More from heaven when we are able to write.

Happy Holidays


Baba 12/14/06

Sai Ram,

Yesterday afternoon Baba surprised us all. He first gave car darshan and went inside. Many people left. Within five minutes he came out for about thirty minutes. It was wonderful.

This morning darshan crowd seemed smaller than usual. I know the crowd will swell as the holiday people arrive.

I am surprised that the shed is still as empty as it is but it too will fill up.

The weather is nice.

Baba remains glorious. It is wonderful to be here.


Baba 12/13/06

Sai Ram,

The weather has warmed up a bit. It is more pleasant here.

The Rishikesh Sai school students were seated inside the mandir, yesterday afternoon. Later we heard them chanting so I guess Baba was inside with them and I suspect that he probably spoke with them.

What I didn't mention about their performance were how beautiful the costumes were and how well made up all the actors were.

Auditions for the Christmas choir starts on Friday.

So far, the crowds are about the same. I guess we are due for an influx by Sunday.

I notice that even though Baba is giving brief car darshans that waves of energy hit me after the car passes uplifting me. It is not the time that matters but the effect.


Baba 12/11/06

Sai Ram,

The weather was warmer today to everyone's delight but still cool.

The Sri Sathya Sai School of Rishikesh put on an elevating performance this afternoon.

What was amazing that the play, picture taking and Baba leaving the verandah ended at exactly 5:00.

Prasad was passed out.

A group (102) of Sai Teens from Malaysia are here hoping that they will get permission to put on their performance.


Baba 12/10/06

Sai Ram,

The Singapore group never got to put on their performance. The rehearsed three times a day and did group chanting two or three times a day.

It wasn't the right time for them. I am sure that they will present it in the future. Most of the group has left.

Now I am wondering whether Baba will let there be a holiday program.

A few new people have arrive but I still haven't seen the holiday surge. I expect it more around the 15th.

There was car darshan today and yesterday with sighting of Baba as he walked along the verandah today and Baba blessing us with a sit down 20 minute darshan yesterday.

It was cloudy and cool all day today. We saw the sun for about 10 minutes this morning. I am surprised at this weather.

Many people are sick with various cold like conditions.

I had a strange vision of Baba which the only way I can interpret it is that Baba is the creator of and the center of the universe.


Baba 12/7/06

Sai Ram,

Baba surprised us all this morning by coming out about 7:15, giving car darshan to the few devotees that were there and leaving by the central driveway.

About 10 minutes later, Baba returned up the central driveway made a right and headed toward the residence. However, he kept on going out the west gate into the ashram.

He returned about 5 to 10 minutes later and went inside the mandir.

This afternoon he came out about 3:30, gave car darshan and went inside.

A two and a half year girl had a fever, her father gave her some vihbuti and the fever came down. But four hours later, the fever was back. He gave her more and the fever went down until about one a.m. It returned slightly but went away. The girl is back to her robust self.

Singapore has been working on a production which they are supposed to present on Friday evening. I am eagerly awaiting it.

The other day prasadam was passed out which was nuts and raisins. This is the first time I ever had a non-sweet as prasadam here.

Baba knows our ever thought. A few weeks ago I was mentally upset by some event. Within a few minutes, several people not knowing anything about this as I had not said anything, did things that cheered me up. This happened at least 3 to 4 times. The only way it could have is by Baba causing the people to be in my life at that moment.

I haven't seen as many monkeys as I have in the past. There have been a few.

I was hoping to move into my apartment soon but that has been delayed until the end of the month. I will continue to stay in the shed.


Baba 12/6/06

Sai Ram,

When I finished my last email, I went outside to all the noise, music and dancing.

A group of about 2,000 people from about 200 - 250 miles from here have been staying in the sheds.

They had a parade which started in the old Puttaparthi direction proceeded toward the main gate and continued toward the Ganesh Gate.

Traffic was tied up for about an hour.

There were about ten circles of people. Within each circle there was some sort of performance which included different types of dancing from using sticks by young and older people to dancing with a jug of sort on the head.

There was also some reenactments from the Rama life, and Shirdi Sai Baba. There was a truck decorated with a big picture of Sai Baba.

The parade was a tribute to Sai Baba being God.

To my surprise and many others, they performed before Baba on Tuesday evening. Baba sat on the verandah and seemed to enjoy it all.

It was very exciting. They performed many of the same skits which were followed by the singing of songs written for Baba in Telegu. The singing went on for about 30 minutes and was enchanting and soul lifting.

To top it off, Baba delivered a message in Telegu without translation. It was clear how much Baba loved this group.

So far, there has been no English translation.


Baba 12/4/06

Sai Ram,

The weather warmed slightly.

I have to reiterate, even though many of you know, how special just being in Kulwant Hall is. I saw something which confirmed it. I would describe it but it wouldn't make sense as it doesn't to me except for me to know how special the place is.

I spend as much time as I can there.

There are about 180 people here from Singapore. They are supposed to put on a play by the end of the week.

Baba gave a good darshan this afternoon for about 20 minutes sitting on the verandah.


Baba 12/2/06

Sai Ram,

Greetings from Heaven.

A few days ago the weather turned cold. Many people find it necessary to wear a coat or sweater during non-sun hours.

Many people are suffering from cold.

Baba has been giving brief darshans.

The crowds are still small.

I discovered a very good tachyon center. You can look it up on the internet. It is a method of healing.

I am told that a bypass is almost finished that would allow traffic that is not destined for Puttaparthi to avoid this area.

It is wonderful being here. Baba vibration can be felt and absorbed all over the place. Even though he isn't physically presence while waiting for his darshan, his energy is and is elevating.

It may be my imagination but it seems that suddenly a lot of people are being drawn to go to Shirdi.

I found out the reason for Sai Gita new location. She was unhappy being isolated. Now she can be where the crowds are. She also has an area that leads behind the sports stadium to roam.

The sports stadium was used to help the university physics department host a nanotechnology conference which was broadcasted so that the Whitefield students could participate.

Baba 11/26/06

Sai Ram,

I am glad I finally am getting a chance to write.

Needless to say it has been very busy here.

Yesterday, the Italians gave an incredible performance of Dante's Inferno. It was accompanied by music and selected quotes and a skit that was enacted with ballet and dance movements that were flawless. If you ever get the chance to see the video, do so. The theme was Baba's message conveyed by Dante.

Earlier in the day the Italians were told that they would not be performing. In the afternoon, after meeting with Baba, several officials including Goldstein, came rushing off the verandah to hold a meeting. The Italians rushed out and had an hour to get ready which included getting props and changing into costumes. It was staged at just the right time.

It began at 5:15 just as the sun settled, the hall was dark but illuminated by the lights. This effect made it easier to see the performance.

I realized afterwards that I could have gone to the basketball and volley game at the sports center on birthday but I blew it. I, along with many others we watched it live on television sets placed around the hall. Harlem Globetrotters put on an entertaining show. Also, if you get a chance to watch this video, do so. You will love it.

That evening there was entertainment in Kulwant Hall, after Baba returned from the sport center at about 6:30.

Birthday morning, the lines started early. The place was packed. The day before it looked as though there would not be that many people but overnight scores of people came. Some slept on the beautiful manicured lawns and others in not so nice a place. There was plenty of food for everyone. It was crowded but orderly.

The Western Canteen was used to feed visiting athletes and medical people. One half of the men's side was reserved for both men and women to eat. The service was set up so they could get their food quickly.

The U.S.had a medical camp which helped many people. The India Sai organization also set up a medical camp.

Our long wait paid off as Baba entered the hall preceded by bands and chanting. To our delight, He was in the open cart. Darshan was incredible. It moved slowly causing an emotional reaction among many.

About 2/3 of the men stood up to get a better view. They caused no problems. Baba went onto the verandah with the usual speeches.

However, between Kulwant Hall and East Prasanthi there were commotions. Some men climbed up onto the overhang of East Prasanthi building. Each overhang had about five men. Some men climbed up to the roof to see Baba.

These men were not trouble makers but people who in their devotion to Baba wanted his darshan. There is a large group of people who show their devotion in a manner that is not as disciplined as many of us are. Their love is there.

The hall which had been beautifully decorated has now been restored to its original state.

The other night the International Sai Orchestra played, also flawlessly. It was perfection. People enjoyed the music.

Many people have left. Today there was no darshan. 

It is great being here. Even if Baba does physically come out his vibration fills the hall elevating you to a higher level just by being there.


Baba 11/21/06

Sai Ram,

I goofed.

The Saturday dedication that I saw was not part of the sports stadium but Sai Gita new home. It is located near the road on the border between the planetarium and the sports stadium. I do not understand the location as it is noisy and do not know where Sai Gita will roam but I am sure all of that has been work out.

The dedication of the stadium will be on the 22nd with the president of India, Harlem globetrotters and other dignitaries being there.

The crowd is getting larger but everything is under control.

There is a medical camp set up in N4 staffed mostly or all by Americans.

Last night the Easwaramma Trust donated bicycles to many girls and water purifiers to other girls. I believe these are local girls. Before this started, the women met privately with Baba. Baba came off the the verandah into the center area where he blesses the bike receivers and gave out the purifiers.

Also, Medical personnel who have been going out into the local villages as part of the medical camps received what looked like a photo which Baba signed

Some local young people put on a dance which was incredible and the college boys did about a half hour of a skit dance to music about Vishnu using Baba as Vishnu.

This was followed by a ten movies about Baba, creation
and today.

Ladies Day was wonderful tribute to women with Baba sitting on the ladies side and handing out about 100 sari's.

With all the activities happening in my life and the many events here it is hard to remember everything. There are websites that hat better details than I can ever give. I am just trying to relay other information.

I feel Baba's energy intensely. Although Kulwant Hall is filling up, problems have been to a minimum. The seva dal's and other have become very strict and are keeping tight control over everything.

Security device have been set up at the Ganesh entrance where everyone must past through to enter the ashram.

Yesterday, local woman with babies were brought to the ashram for blessing by Baba. I saw them but where and when the blessings took place I don't know.

Next few days will be even more time consuming with longer waits on darshan line.

I will write as soon as I can.


Baba 11/18/06

Sai Ram,

So many things happening here.

Yesterday, we arrive to Kulwant Hall to find the Center part decorated with streamers of different colors hanging from the skylight. A breeze gives it a special colorful effect.

More decorations were added yesterday afternoon and over night.

The pathway that leads behind Baba's residence has the palm trees decorated and halogen light were put in the tree near the driveway by the side of the residence and another was put in the tree as the path curves to the right.

The effect is to give a other worldly effect.

The driveway in front of the residence has also been decorated.

Last night we had more music from U.K. group mixed with bhajans.

This morning was the blessing of the statues from the temple in old Puttaparthi. When Baba came in his car Sai Gita fully decorated was waiting in the center with trunk in the air. Baba spoke with some people and Sai Gita was able to stick her trunk threw the window several times.

There was also a band that played loud music. Pundits were chanting. Eventually, two figures were carried out from the mandir with pundits and Baba following in his wheelchair to the main gate where it was put into a large cart to go to old Puttaparthi.

Later on, about 10:30, Baba showed up at the dedication of the sport stadium. I couldn't see him from the road. Sai Gita was also there as well as dignitaries.

There was a large crowd on the road which became unruly as Baba was leaving. It was scary.

This afternoon, the main event was some Russian, about 6 or 7, playing instruments and some singing. It was beautiful. Baba eyes seemed fixed on them the whole time.

It seems that there is going to be another delegation on the 22nd when the President of India arrives.

The sports stadium is the largest of it kind in India and will be used to attract leading sport trainers and others to train people for the Olympics and other sporting events.

It is a an Olympic class stadium with all of the latest equipment and electronics brought in from around the world.

Tomorrow is Ladies Day

Monday - Baba will bless children or infants from neighboring villages. I am not sure if he is going to give them names. This will be done inside the mandir.


Baba 11/16/06

Sai Ram,

This morning the girls from Anantapur College, in honor of Baba's 81st birthday, presented bicycles (I think 81) to girls from Anantapur who are part of Sai programs and have to travel a long distance.

It was very well organized. As a bicycle was brought forward, the girl who was to have it put a rose at the foot of the ramp leading to Baba, before wheeling it off.

The bikes were taken down the center roadway till the gate.

All the different girls were very nicely dressed.

As soon as this was finished the Anantapur Band played about five or six musical compositions.

This afternoon, Baba once again sat on the verandah listerning to vedic chanting by the college boys.

Just before bhajans, Baba gave the signal and prepackaged sweets were distributed to everyone. Each
package had a different Baba quote.

Yesterday afternoon Baba sat in the chair as he did today but he also allowed the birthday boys to come up.

I went past the stadium and lots of work is being done. I am still not sure how it will be ready on time but Baba says it will be so it will.

Meanwhile the Harlem Globetrotters basketball team is touring India causing a sensation where they appear. They will be here next week for opening game.

I learned that the stadium has 4,000 seats. 

Baba 11/14/06

Sai Ram,

Yesterday Baba showed his divinity again. He was giving car darshan, when he got to the men's side he continued with the window up. There was a man holding a pile of letters neatly tied. When Baba came to him, he opened the window and told his assistant to take his letters. He also took a bunch of others.

Once again, it show that Baba is aware of every detail.

Today in afternoon darshan, Baba showed that we need to love his uncertainty. He came out around four o'clock, gave car darshan and went to the verandah. When he went inside, many people figured it was over, made a dash for the exits.

About five minutes later, Baba came walking out to sit in his chair on the verandah. The boys continued their vedic chanting and birthday boys got blessed. After a wonderful 30 plus minutes of a visual darshan, Baba went inside the mandir for Bhajans.

Work is continuing on the stadium with painting and landscaping being done as the finishing touches are being put everywhere.


Baba 11/12/06

Sai Ram,

Akhanda Bhajans are over. The crowd was smaller than I expected. Baba was in the mandir from 6-7:30 Saturday and 5-6:30 Sunday. Sunday afternoon he made another visit to the sport complex.

Akhanda bhajans ended with prasad on a leaf of a nice portion of rice and laddus.

I was ecstatic and felt privileged to be there. Baba's love is all around.

Overnight more people arrived for birthday.

Great news for anyone coming for birthday -- The greatest cooks in the world or at least Italy will be here on the 16th preparing meals in the Western Canteen.

There are about two hundred people here from Iran.

BTW, the sports complex is for the college boys, and maybe the high school boys. This way they will have an indoor and outdoor sports arena.


Baba 11/10/06

Sai Ram,

Baba made another visit to the sports stadium. Today, for the first time, I noticed the use of a 20 foot long thick rope carried by several boys running along side and ahead of Baba's car. This is to control the crowd if it got unruly.

I often wonder how Baba's car can move so slowly and yet so rapidly.

I wondered if with all the work to be done on the stadium there will be time for landscaping. I made a visit. Guess what! Landscaping was being done amidst the hundreds of workers finishing the stadium.

Crowds are still small. I expect a huge increase by tomorrow.

Baba's love is felt strongly as always.


Baba 11/9/06

Sai Ram,

Life is wonderful in Prasanthi.

Today Baba made a trip to the sports stadium after bhajans. As you may guess, the lucky ones who were outside the ashram got his darshan.

I caught a glimpse as he was returning. It put me into ecstasy for a while and he didn't even physically look at me.

Police and A.P. patrol have been increasing in numbers.

Crowds are still small but that will change quickly.

There are some people who come to darshan at the last minute and leave as soon as the car go by. It is a tragedy since Baba's blessings and energy are strong within Kulwant Hall long before his physical presence is seen and continues after it leaves.

Here is an opportunity to bask and absorb the energy of god.


Baba 11/8/06

Sai Ram,

Pandemonium again.

Baba came out in the car briefly and went inside. Many people left. About twenty minutes later, Baba came out in the wheelchair. First to the women's side by the white line and then proceeded followed the line almost to the men's bench by the wall where he turned to the men sitting in the center and returned to the varendah.

People were running all over to get back into Kulwant Hall. Seva dal and security scrambled to maintain order. It was typical Baba. Love my uncertainity.

Earlier Baba went to the sports stadium. It is amazing how much got done in just the few weeks I have been here. There is no doubt that it will be done on time. Date of completion November 18th.

Baba's energy has been different this past week. I am not sure how to explain it.

I have had to miss some darshans because of illness.

But I am happy. This is the place to be. There is Shanthi here.

Recently, a friend was very ill and a lot of devotees prayed fro him. Several days later, when I found out I went into deep prayer. I discovered a layer of negativity covering the positive energy which was protecting and healing him.

This is the results of praying for someone but not believing that they are going to get well. In casual conversation we say that so-so is not going to make it, it doesn't look good, etc. This sends out negative thought forms to the person which can even negate the healing thoughts that are being sent.

We do not know anyone's future or why they are going through what they are. We should always pray for their highest good.


India 10/23/06

Yes, I made it to Prassanthi.

I spent 10 days in Kerala at the very small ashram of Sunil Das. He is a staunch devotee of Baba.

During the time I was there, many things occured such as Sunil materializing vibuthi, objects, making vibuthi and kum-kum come out of the top of peoples heads. He also relayed messages from Baba to people.

I saw a picture of Baba with flowing honey then vibuthi, ghee etc. I saw Baba sign five envelopes with his signature. Also, one time when four of us were standing next to an envelope, Baba signed it.

I saw a lingam materialize from a ceramic statue.Baba also showered a certain area of a room with vibuthi.

One person got an answer to a pressing question by writing the question on the inside to which Baba replied on the outside.

Sunil is building a hospital to provide free medical care. He currently feeds about 1-2,000 people a day at various locations, he has free classrooms, ayurvedic clinic and regularly give villagers food to take home.

Once a month he has a free ayurvedic clinic day at his ashram with five doctors and once a month he does the same for regular medical care.

By the way, there was no effective internet communication from the area where I was.

I was fine when I arrived in Bangalore on the 15th. However, the next day I was sick. I was able to take care of what was necessary.

On the 17th, I arrived at Prasanthi. It was nice to be here even though my body was undergoing some changes. I am getting stronger. Some of these reason are spiritual and others physical.

I have delayed writing as I was not quite up to it. I hope to keep it up although I am not sure how the next several days will be.

The big news here is the Sports Stadium. Any place else in the world it would require 3-6 months to complete. It is in such a state of disarray. Only god can finish it on time. I was told that 1,000 workers and 50 engineers are working around the clock to finish it.

It has been three years since I have been here. The ashrams has been beautified in so many area which were dirt.

There are more place to get snacks and drinks.

Baba looks as divine as ever.

I have sensed waves of divine love coming from his residence as we sat in Kulwant Hall.

Baba 10/24/06

Sai Ram,

I watched today as the car carrying Sai Baba made it way through through the ladies section to the men section and eventually onto the verandah.

This small car was actually a giant vacuum with the Lord of the universe on top sucking into its light all the negativity in the surround area and beyond.

Cleansing all - some for a while and some for a long time depending how willing and able they are to stay clean.

Each darshan is a mighty shower. Each prayer is a cleansing.

Baba the ultimate in soul cleansing and purifying.

Baba 10/25/06

Sai Ram,

It is great to be here basking in God's eternal bliss even with worldly challenges or maybe the bliss is sweeter because of the challenges.

The Western Canteen continues to serve great meals. However, their timings are the problem. Evening meals are supposed to start at 6:30 which last time it meant 6:45 with an occasional 7:00. But now it rarely open before 7:00-7:15 with many times at 7:30.

Lunch is same thing. It used to open by 11:45 now it could 12:00 or even 12:15. I don't know why but it means that many people who would eat their food are forced to find alternate solution.

Fortunately there are many wonderful and safe places to eat outside the wall.

The Western Canteen looks lovely with the beautiful lawn and bushes, new tile and places to sit next to the building.

Baba - 10/29/06

Sai Ram,

Rain & Pandemomium

Overnight the temperature dropped a bit as a front moved through that gave scattered light showers during the day. Out with umbrellas and raincoats.

Wouldn't you know it that it would rain at 1:30 when people were lining up for darshan.

Baba gave a slow car darshan instructing his body guards to take letters. Many were taken.

He sat on the verandah for a while then went inside.

Since it was almost 5:00 everyone figured that darshan was over.

Love my uncertainity.

Baba in his wheelchair being pushed by one of the body guards and escorted by several others went into the women side. First where the car normally goes then just as he reached the center turned into the crowd to go deeper within the women section. He returned to the center and proceeded to go to the women who were sitting between the mandir and his residence.

Bhajans started and Baba went inside.

Never a dull moment in Prasanthi.

Baba 10/31/06

Sai Ram,

Only brief car darshan today. Baba went to the sport complex.

This morning, while at darshan, I was meditating on Baba when I was shown a vision with a message.

Baba will have complete control of Earth soon. This means on different levels. I feel that soon means 3 to 6 months. There will be some difficulties. Afterward, there will be peace. The peace and love that we all dreamed about and prayed for. It is coming soon with God in charge.

People have asked me about sending an email to give to Baba. It is almost impossible to get near the car to give letters. Also, it is better to mail it from where ever you are. It will get to him.

What I discovered recently was that it is just as effective, maybe even more so, to place the letter on your altar and prayer. Wondrous results will occur.

Gerald Dominick

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