From Roy this article was published on the August 21st 1976 issue of “Blitz”


It was 30th of January- my first visit to Puttaparthi, when Sai Baba picked me from the crowd for interview. I was not at all prepared for this unexpected opportunity.


As I waited anxiously in the right wing of the Mandir, I could easlily recognize two para-psychologists from New York (Erlendur Haraldsson and Karlis Osis sitting close to me who had become a familiar sight at the Ashram due to their unusual activities.


Unlike Dr.Narasimhiah, who drew his hasty conclusions after sending few letters by post, these two scientists of moral integrity had chosen a more sensible method of on the spot investigation to determine whether what was being published in the United States about Sai Baba was a hoax or whether there was truth in it.


Over a period of more than three months, they recorded statements of many men of unquestionable honesty who were expected to know Baba from a close distance and cross-examined hundreds of people from the crowd who had been granted an interview.


Using movie cameras, they filmed many incidents of materialization. In short, they had collected unimpeachable documentary evidence relating to miraculous powers attributed to Sai Baba.


Face to Face with Baba.


I was sitting in the group of eight visitors who were asked to sit separately Ladies and Gents. Beside the two investigators, the group contained a couple  from Los Angeles , a lady from Sri Lanka, a gentleman from Hong Kong and a doctor from Bombay.


Soon we were called in a small room, 10’x10’ approximately. We squatted on the floor facing Baba. He too sat on the floor instead of the chair lying behind. Immediately on our arrival, as a gesture of welcome Baba waved his right hand in the air, created some vibhuti (sacred Ash) and distributed it to the group.


Calm and serene, Baba smilingly Surveyed us with his fathomless eyes, I had a chance to watch him intently from a distance of four feet. He looked exceedingly youthful and handsome. He was buoyant, cheerful and as simple in his expression as a child, in marked contrast to his normal reserved and imposing appearances observed in a crowd. Soft and sweet words effortlessly rolled out from his tongue.


Touched by his hospitality we felt completely at ease. For a moment, I forgot that I was face to face with the most powerful and unique phenomenon of our times who is revered millions in India and abroad.


American couple’s Vedic marriage.


Then to my great surprise, without any prior knowledge about me and my Hindi-speaking capabilities, he asked me to get up and sit beside him to interpret his Hindi into English which I did to the best of my ability.


As I sat almost touching Baba, he leaned affectionately on my left shoulder, repeatedly placing his right hand and arm over me in such a way that I could have detected even a small pin hidden in his sleeves, if there was one.


But then turned towards the American couple Mr. & Mrs. Krystal and asked whether it was their 33rd wedding anniversary on that day. Surprised, they replied in the affirmative.


Materialization of ring & necklace.


“I will perform your spiritual marriage according to the Vedic rites,” he said. Expecting something miraculous to happen. We all become very alert. Baba waved his hand in the air and materialized a golden ring with his bust embossed on it. He asked the lady to present to her husband.


He next directed the couple to move further away and put himself into clear view of everyone so that they could watch him. He pulled his sleeves up and offered his stretched empty hands to the groups for a close examination. This time, as if not to strain our eyes, he did not wave his hand in the air. With the palm facing upward, he slowly closed his left fist for every one to observe clearly.


There was a pin-drop silence. As I sat abreast, I could see something glittering inside his fist. Using his right hand, he slowly pulled out a large dazzling necklace (‘Mangal Sutra’) about 30” in length and two big to be accommodated in closet fist.


We became speechless at watching the incredible happen in front of our eyes. He explained the significance of 40 rare gems (including diamonds) used in the necklace, which contained a large golden lotus with a bust of Baba on it. He handed over to the husband and asked him to put it around the neck of his wife.


Mental Power that creates


Looking towards the dumb-founded investigating team, Baba humorously questioned, “Tell me how did this happen?”   There was no reply. I am giving you repeated chances to observe me closely and listen to me because I know you are good at heart and are interested in helping humanity by your investigation, “Baba added.


When the group interview was drawing to a close, one of the members of the investigation team (Karlis Osis) observed that an oval stone (1/4x1/2) fitted on the ring worn by him, which had earlier been motorized by Baba, was missing after he had entered the room. As some of us started searching for the missing stone, Baba took us one by one for a personal interview in an adjoining room. Unable to trace the stone, we looked towards Baba. He smiled but made no comments. It was apparent that it was he who had de-materialized this stone.


After the interview was over the gentleman asked for a magnifying glass and observed that the serration, in which the stone was inserted in the ring was unaffected. After the inspection, he confided in me that if Baba could bring the same stone back on the ring, he would take it as a conclusive proof of his divinity.


In a subsequent interview, to which I was again called to act and interpreter, Baba blew air three times on the ring-materialized the same stone. The members of the investigating literally shrieked with amazement. There was no more evidence required to prove the Divinity of Baba.


Swami’s Quotation-


“Everyone has to be asked to approach Me and experience Me, in order to get an idea of mountain, it is not enough if you show a stone and say, “The mountain is million times the size.” You have to see an actual mountain, at least from distance. BABA.


Jai Sai Ram


Kobe, Japan

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