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Prem Jyothi Exhibition in Mumbai  - An Overview

Invitation for Prem Jyoti Exhibition in Mumbai

Prem Jyoti Exhibition - Folder

'Bhakt Meera', a skit by Sri Sathya Sai Higher Secondary School, 31 Jan 2008, Images

Wonderful Old Photos of Swami

Cultural Programs by Delhi Youth, 27-28 Jan 2008, Images

Prem Jyoti Exhibition in Borivali Mumbai - Video

Swami Teaches Part 118 (updated till 27.01.2008)

Sai Student's Public Gallery

Parthi News - January 2008

The Annual Sports and Cultural Meet, 11 Jan 2008, Videos

Makara Sankranthi 2008 Divine Discourse, 15th January 2008

Tennis takes a backseat in holy land

Love parents, Satya Sai tells people

Makara Sankranti Celebrations, 15 Jan 2008, Images

Blanket Distribution by Bhagawan, 14 Jan 2008, Images

Cultural Programs by the students of the Sri Sathya Sai Univesity, 12-14 Jan 2008, Images

Prasanthi Photos - 12th & 13th Jan 2008


Arts club of Sathya Sai school inaugurated

Xmas cheer for special kids

Sai Baba opens sports meet

World-class tennis stadium at Puttaparthi

Photo Collage - Annual Sports Meet - 2008

Prasanthi Photos - Annual Sports Meet - 2008

The Annual Sports and Cultural Meet, 11 Jan 2008, Images

Swami Teaches Part 117 (updated till 15.01.2008)

Christmas, 25-26 Dec (Video from saicast)

Om Tat Sat Sri Narayana Tu  - Video Bhajan

Paramam Pavithram Baba Vibhutim - Video Bhajan

Anupama Sundara - Video Bhajan

Tu Pyar Ka Saagar Hai - Video Bhajan

Hey Kamala Vadana Sai Ranga - Video Bhajan

Spiritual aspect of education

Free health clinic offered to area's Mexican community

Images of 04.01.2008 - Cultural Programs by youths from Maharashtra and Goa

Images of 05.01.2008 - Cultural Programs by youths from Maharashtra and Goa

Images of 06.01.2008 - Cultural Programs by youths from Maharashtra and Goa

Cultural Programs by devotees from Maharashtra and Goa, 04-06 Jan 2008, Images

Music Program by devotees from North East Region of USA, 05 Jan 2008, Images

Temple consecrated at Kattula Kaviti

New Year 2008 Divine Discourse, 1st January 2008

Answers by Prof. Anil Kumar (updated till 30.12.2007)

Anil Kumar - Audios (Updated till 31.12.2007)

Jab Koi Baat Bigad Jaaye - Video Bhajan from youtube

Maa Mere Sai - Video Bhajan from youtube

Swami Teaches Part 116 (updated till 08.01.2008)

Christmas eve, children's choir (Video from saicast)

Easwaramma Priya Tanaya Sai Narayana - Video Bhajan from youtube

New Year and Alumni Programme Photos from Prasanthi Nilayam

Anything is Life can be Achieved with Faith in God - Divine Discourse 26.12.2007

Jagadaashraya Sri Raghu Rama - Video Bhajan from youtube

Video Bhajan from youtube - Vinayaka Vinayaka

New Year Celebrations, 01 Jan 2008, Images

Sathyam Shivam Sundaram Part 6 released

Christmas Celebrations, 24-26 Dec2007, Videos

Happy New Year - Greetings from Colombo



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