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Shivarathri Divine Discourse, 23rd Feb 2009

Skit by 11th Class Boys of SSSHSS, 02 Mar 2009, Images

Gratitude Program by 10th and 12th Class Girls of SSSHSS, 01 Mar 2009, Images

Cultural Program by Adilabad District, Andhra Pradesh, 27 Feb 2009, Images

The Divine Ice Lingam

Slideshow - Shivarathri Programme - 2009

Parthi News-Feb 2009  (Updated-01.03.2009)

Shivarathri Celebrations - Images of 23rd & 24th February. 2009

Glimpse of Bhagawan and the Ice Lingam ( 25.8 seconds video on YouTube)

Bringing Many Solutions to Light at the Local Community Level

From Sunday, Sai devotees can take a train to Shirdi

Higher Secondary School Gratitude Programme

Divine Discourse on Maha Shivarathri, 21 Feb 2009

Shivarathri - 2009 at Prasanthi Nilayam - Images

The Ice Lingam

Maha Shivarathri, 23-24 Feb 2009, Report & Images

The Sai Youth of India

Sai Spiritual Showers - 26.02.2009 (Click Here to View the Archives )

Sai youths rushed for Seva to railway accident victims

An Encore by the Devotees from Hungary, 20 Feb 2009, Report & Images

Swami's Visit to Muddenahalli on 14.02.2009 - Report with images, slideshow and excerpts of Swami's discourse in mp3-audio

Slideshow - Dance Programme -17.02.2009 - by devotees from Nilgiris

Slideshow - Music Programme -16.02.2009 - by devotees from Hungary

Cultural Program by Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu, 17 Feb 2009, Report & Images

Sai Spiritual Showers - 19.02.2009 (Click Here to View the Archives )

Sai Spiritual Showers - 12.02.2009 (Click Here to View the Archives )

Prema Jyothi…Epitome of Divine Love” has set its foot in Hyderabad

Glimpses of Muddenahalli

Music Program by Devotees from Hungary, 16 Feb 2009, Report & Images

Cultural Program by Prakasam District, Andhra Pradesh, 12-13 Feb 2009, Images



Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony in Muddenahalli, 14 Feb 2009, Report & Images

Sai Prashanthi Gurukulam...Part 29

Prem Jyoti Exhibition 05th Feb to 15th Feb 2008 - Khairathabad - Hyderabad inaugurated by Dr.Y.S.Rajasekhra Reddy (Photos)

Muddenahalli gears up to welcome The Lord...

Music Program by Mahila Devotees of Andhra Pradesh, 10 Feb 2009, Images

Integration of Human Values with Education

Slideshow - Music Programme -10.02.2009 by Hyderabad Mahila Vibhaag

TN to take Sai Baba's help to clean up

Sai Yuva Newsletter - January 2009

Young healing hands

Invitation to Youth Awareness Programme at Dharmakshetra on 07.02.2009

Drama by Sai Youth of Maharashtra and Goa

Cultural Program by Chittor District, Andhra Pradesh, 03-04 Feb 2009, Images

Sai Spiritual Showers - 05.02.2009 (Click Here to View the Archives )

Photo exhibition on Baba

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