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Dear Friends,

The 79th Anniversary of the Advent of the Sai Avatar was celebrated with great divine gaiety at Prashanti Nilayam today 23rd Nov'04. At around 6.45 am the Lord arrived wearing a white robe, and blessed all present both inside and outside Sai Kulwant Hall. He was a divine joy to behold! Heralding the entry of the Lord were the Vedam boys, as well as his students dressed colourfully playing the band - both simultaneously. Of course the band played 'Happy Birthday' with all present clapping in tune with the music,  among other tunes. After  Bhagwan had settled down into his Chair, two   lectures were delivered, one by Dr.Goldstein, an American physician residing  in southern California, and a great devotee of Bhagwan, and Mr. G.Venkatraman the renowned Indian Physicist.

After these 2 devotees, had related their experiences with Swami, it was the turn of the Birthday Boy - Bhagwan himself, to address the gathering. He mentioned in his speech, his long association with Dr. Goldstein, and how he had told him not to travel on a particular flight out of Bombay, and how Dr. Goldstein was very keen to travel on that particular flight as his tickets had already been purchased and he did'nt want to forego the large sum of money. Bhagwan even told him to forget about the money, but Dr. Goldstein was determined to travel.........and  many of you might already know that the flight was hijacked, and both Goldstein and his wife had a harrowing experience. Of course his wife called out to Bhagwan for help and they were not harmed at all. Bhagwan also praised Nehru and Subhash Chandra Bose in the course of his lecture and mentioned that Bose's daughter Anita had visited his Ashram in Kodai Kanal, and had spent a considerable amount of time, travelling with Bhagwan. He also mentioned the time he had a fall in the bathroom at Whitefield and injured his hip bone, and how all the doctors had told him that if he underwent an operation, he would be bed-ridden. But Bhagwan did have the operation, and when his doctors wanted to bandage the area he refused, and how he recovered without any medicines at all. The doctors had also informed him that he should not stand for long periods of time, and here he was standing for one hour to deliver his lecture. Bhagwan also stated to a thunderous applause that he NEVER feels any PAIN. He then asked if he looks his age - 79 years, and of course the instant retort was a big NO. He said he had no wrinkles etc, and would continue looking the way he does now even when he is 90 years old. He stressed the need for SEVA, and said that his devotees should be prepared to sacrifice, while performing SEVA, just as Bhagwan has made sacrifices for the SEVA of his devotees. He ended his lecture with the bhajan, 'Sai bhajan bina sukh shaanti nahin'. After this he cut his Birthday Cake in the Mandir. There were several cakes for Bhagwan. he left Sai Kulwant Hall at 9.40 am.

In the afternoon Bhagwan entered Sai Kulwant Hall at 3.30 pm, and after listening to the Vedam boys went into the Mandir. He came out at about 4.15,  with the Governor of Andhra Pradesh, who left Kulwant Hall immediately. At 4.30 Parveen Sultana first sang a raga, ane then a few Meera Bhajans, followed by some Sai Bhajans.

Bhagwan thoroughly enjoyed her performance, and after the aarti was performed, left the Hall at about 5.30 pm.

Thus ended the 79th Birthday celebrations of Bhagwan Sri Satya Sai Baba,

With Sai Love.


Sai Ram brothers and sisters,

This morning Bhagwan came for darshan as usual at 7 am and stayed till about 8.30 am.

In the afternoon the Convocation commenced at 3 pm and Bhagwan came, standing in an open car along with Mr. Rasgotra, the Chief Guest.  Mr. Rasgotra was Foreign Minister, and Indian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, and this is the 2nd time he was attending the Convocation as Chief Guest. It began with Swami declaring the convocation open, after which the students took their pledge. Then Swami distributed medals to outstanding students. The Gold medal for the best all round student was awarded to Miss Deepti Baghia, and Swami materialised a chain for her, of course putting it around her neck.

After this Mr.Rasgotra delivered a lecture, following which the Chancellor of the Satya Sai Institute for Higher Learning - Swami,  delivered his Lecture. The essence of his lecture was Transcendental Divinity and Love. He ended his lecture by mentioning that Ms Deepti Baghia, the most outstanding all round student has been diabetic since birth. However Swami has told her to carry on with her life without taking any medicines, and that he would look after her. So Deepti has lead an absolutely normal life. She reads a lot, works very hard, and has full faith in Swami. Swami said that even if her blood is tested today it will have a very high sugar level, but her blood sugar will NEVER harm her. This is his way of curing her. She still has sugar in her blood but it will never affect her ever. Deepti's father is a doctor, and professor at the Puttaparthi campus.

After Swami's lecture there was a break for 30 mins after which his post graduate students performed an English Play at the Purnachandra Auditorium. So is was a busy and most enjoyable afternoon, and evening at Prashanti  Nilayam.

With Sai Love,


Posted on 22-11-2004

Sai Ram to all my Sai brothers sisters,

Prashanti Nilayam is really crowded right now, and more devotees are expected tomorrow, to attend the Convocation of the Sri Satya Sai Institute for Higher Learnig. The atmosphere is charged with emotion, feeling, reverence, and great devotion. It feels really great to be  here in the presence of the Divine Lord. His newly constructed Living Quarters look wonderfully majestic but Swami has not moved in yet, and nobody knows when He will.

This morning, Bhagwan arrived for darshan at around 7 am and sat listening to the Vedam Boys till about 8.15 am, when he went into the Mandir. He came out at 8.30 am and then left Sai Kulwant Hall. Thereafter the Bhajan commenced and ended at 9 am.

The afternoon's programme comprised of speeches by 2 members of a group of 180 from the United Kingdom. Thereafter bhajans were sung by a group of  devotees from Brazil. They sang popular bhajans but had changed the tunes and music of some of the bhajans so they sounded really nice & lively, and  were greatly appreciated and enjoyed by all. After them there was a Shehnai  recital which Swami really enjoyed, and he moved his  right index finger to the beat of the music.

Swami materialised a ring for the gentleman, and also gave him a shawl, while the musicians from Brazil were presented with saris and  Kurtas/Pyjamas. Thus ended the days programme and Swami left Sai Kulwant Hall at 5.45 pm.

With Sai Love,

Your Sai sister


Posted on 21-11-2004

Sai Ram to all my dear Sai brothers and sisters,

This morning there was no special programme at Prashanti. Swami came as usual, sat listening to the Vedam boys, and then went in to the Mandir. He came out again at 9 am for the bhajan, and left Sai Kulwant Hall at 9.30 am.

In the afternoon, Swami came early, at 2.30 pm. A Dance Drama in Kannada, depicting episodes from the Ramayana was staged by the boys and girls of Swami's school in Alikke, which is near Mangalore in Karnataka. It lasted for about an hour and 25 mins, and at the end of it Swami seemed very pleased, and smiled a big smile. He called the boy who played the part of Ram, materialised a chain for him, and even put it around his neck. Next he called for the main singer and materialised a ring for him. After this all the boys and girls who participated, took  photographs with him in their colourful costumes.I was told the costumes were very heavy. which makes movement difficult. However when Swami's students perform before him, attired with  heavy or light costumes, they perform with relative ease, and so it was, with the students of Alikke. Bhajans commenced after the dance drama at 4.30 pm, and Swami left Sai Kulwant Hall by 5 pm, after the participants did Aarti to him.

With Sai Love,

Your Sai sister


Posted on 20-11-2004

Sai Ram to all my dear Sai brothers and Sisters,

Since I am in Prashanti Nilayam right now I thought I'd share the days programme with all of you. Today is Ladies Day, and it was celebrated with great gusto at Prashanti. The morning's programme commenced with a short speech by Mrs. Chetna Shah, the wife of Mr. Indulal Shah, who is the National Convenor of the Satya Sai Seva Samitis. Tributes were paid to the great Mother of Mothers Eashwaramma, and the Eashwaramma Seva Project for under-privileged women was unveiled by Swami. After Mrs. Chetna Shah, came the turn of Dr. Geeta Reddy, the Tourism Minister of Andhra Pradesh, who is also a Gynaecologist, who spoke of how Swami has influenced every aspect of  her life. She spoke of how she lost her parents early in life and of how Swami has guided her all throughout. How Swami's message should be our life, and that his life should be our message. She has traveled the world over in her capacity as tourism minister, and found to her surprise that even in the Vatican City there are as many as seven Sai Centres!!

After her a Greek lady called Helen shared her experiences with Swami, whichwere indeed most overwhelming and moving. She spoke of the time she was performing relief work among the refugees of Bosnia. One night when she  visited them to give them food with the help of a torchlight, she took along photos of Swami. When the refugees saw his photos they began mumbling among themselves. Since she couldn't understand the language, she turned to the soldiers for help, who in turn informed her that they were saying that this man in a saffron robe had been visiting them everyday giving them food, and that they all knew him!! What a wonderful miracle. Swami is really omnipresent.  Helen and the Satya Sai Centre were among the first to provide relief in war torn Iraq as well. On one occasion they had taken along several tons of wheat powder (atta), and the Iraqis told them that they should have instead brought along milk powder as this was urgently required. For some reason milk powder could not be procured by Helen and she felt awfully dejected. Just then she saw a boy taking out some of the powder, and putting it in his mouth. Of course she told him not to, as it was wheat powder. Lo and behold, the boy told her that it tasted like MILK powder.  She says all the several tons of wheat powder had turned to milk powder ...........what a wonderful leela. Then again Helen was arrested by the Iraqi Police one morning and was kept in custody from 0930 hrs  with her hands tied and  blindfolded. Throughout she could feel Swami's presence by her side, and knew she would be released soon. Of course she was released that night itself. After this Saris, and prasadam were distributed, and I received an apple as prasadam.

The afternoons programme comprised of a musical session by children from the United Kingdom. This was followed by Bhajans rendered by Anuradha Paudwal in her beautiful, melodious voice. She was accompanied by her son Aditya. Swami enjoyed her bhajans immensely, and materislised vibhuti for her. The highlight of the afternoons session was a dance programme performed by  schoolgirls from Secunderabad. Their last item was a classical dance come balancing act with diyas on their heads and in their hands and were heartily applauded by all. Swami stood talking to them for quite a while and presented each girl with a small box (contents unknown). Then he called for more boxes, and each girl was presented with one more. They looked like velvet jewellery boxes to me.

Thus ended the days programme.

Sai Ram to you all

POSTED ON 19-11-2004