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Parthi Update

This evening, Bhagawan was out for Darshan very early. He was already there when most of us reached Kulwant Hall by 3.15 p.m. The Golf Cart was parked on the dais and Swami was seated in the Golf Cart itself. Bhagawan was looking for Prof. Anil Kumar, who arrived in a short while and slowly sneaked into his usual seating place. Swami looked at him and non-verbally, asked "Finished eating?" Prof. Anil Kumar smiled and went forward. Swami told him something after which there was some movement on the stage.

Very soon it was clear that he was supposed to introduce the speakers  for the evening. He made the formal introduction. The first speaker was Dr. Gardia, a long-standing devotee from London. The second speaker was, Sri Ajit Popat, whom we know very well as `Puppet'. Both of them spoke well. Sri Ajit Popat stole the show with his eloquence and powerful message. In fact when he concluded his talk, Swami indicated to him to continue for some more time. All the while, Swami kept looking at him and smiling at his wittiness.

After the two talks, it was 4.15 p.m. and to our great surprise,  Bhagawan asked for the Discourse Table to be arranged. Swami got up and started giving a Discourse. This came as a real surprise. The highlights of His Discourse follow. These points are based on notes taken, as Bhagawan delivers the Discourse. Therefore it is definitely not exhaustive. In case of any clarification and for exact words and points, you may please refer to the Central Trust website, Usually, the official text of the Discourses appears there a week later. And now for the highlights of the

What is the basis for the world to exist? What is that mighty power  of Love that keeps the stars up there in the sky without falling down? What is that mighty power of Love that is responsible for the entire world to function with such harmony and coordination?

Why should we ruin our human life by spending all our time in merely  eking out a livelihood? In our daily life we do not need to adopt any separate spiritual practice. We take the name of Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara. Who has seen these forms? It is only the power of Love that exists in all.

What is the meaning of Sangha? It is not merely the collection of  people. It means the spirit of equality - identity with Divinity. Without Divinity, humanity cannot exist. All powers are within the ambit of human life. We do not need to worry about Divine Power, as it is latent within man. Without Divine Power, man cannot function. There is no power beyond that which exists in man. Divinity + Humanity constitute the entire power of Love.

Birth, life on earth, family life, death, childhood, old age, failures, difficulties - all these are causes of worry and anxiety. However, we must consider these as steps to take man towards God.

Some of us declare that we have seen God in our dream, in meditation or with the eye of wisdom (inner eye). All this is human imagination. We believe that God has come in our dream. Where is dream and where is God? In fact dream is not true at all. It vanishes when we get up. It is false illusion - imagination. It is only when we transcend this illusion that we will be able to realize the reality.

When you get married a relationship develops between the husband and  wife. Where is the wife prior to marriage? Who was she? This relationship is also illusory. It arises out of Maya, but along with Maya there is Love too. All relationships, associations arise out of Love, grow out of Love and diminish out of Love. We have the number 9. Adding 1 we get 10. Where did the number 10 come from? It came because of the addition of 1. Remove 1 and we again get 9. Thus all relationship is on account of additions and subtractions.

Brahma Sadhana is Sadhana out of illusion. With Sadhana one cannot see Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara. These are all reflections of our own feelings. Without consideration for humanity how can we experience Divinity? Your image of Vishnu is not reality. It is only your imagination. There is no Brahma, Vishnu or Maheshwara. There is only man and all are within man. The Vishnu aspect is right within you. You are verily Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara.

If you think `I am everything' you will have no worries at all.  Think `I am Brahma, I am Vishnu and I am Maheshwara', and then you will have no doubts at all. There is no power greater than human power.

All that you see around you is mere imagination. Some say that Swami appeared in my dream. I do not come in any dream. It is your thoughts that make such an appearance. Again some others think that God is angry with them. God has neither Love nor Anger. It is we who attribute these to God. There is no Brahma in Brama (illusion) and there is no Brama (illusion) in Brahma.

You may think that Swami is obstructing your enthusiasm. No, Swami will never do that. I am only teaching you the true form of Truth! Do not waste your time in illusion. Atma Sakthi is all-powerful. This awareness manifests only in humans. This Divine Power will confer Peace and Bliss! Some powers come and go. These are not true powers. That which is born, grows and vanishes can never be true. The eternal Truth is beyond your imagination.

The feelings that come from the depth of the heart alone are true. Rest is all reflection, reaction and resound. Constantly think that `I am Iswara'. You will slowly become that. Consider yourself as Krishna and you will truly become Krishna. You alone are the Truth. There is nothing different from you. It is just that you have forgotten your own reality.

For all this, Love is most essential. Once you give up Love, everything becomes null and void. You can also visualize Love in a particular form and experience it. People think that they sit in meditation and they go on imagining things.

Constantly remind yourself, "I am God. I am indeed everything". There is no grater Sadhana than Love. Sakshat Reality is that which you will be able to see whether your eyes are closed or not. You may desire to see several visualizations, but in the process do not forget your own Self. It is you who have appeared as all this. Distance yourself from all delusion. Remember, it is you alone who appear in the past, present and the future. Go on practicing this truth and you will experience your own reality!

Students, the kind of meditation you are doing is wrong. You consider a form and concentrate on that form. The moment you give up that form you will experience the Reality! Fix your eyes on the form dear to you. That form picturized in your heart will appear in front of your eyes and then it will become the reality.

God and Love are the same. They are not different. Entertain the thought, "I am God'. Ultimately you will become God. It is God who has taken all these different forms. God is in you. Keep in view this Oneness. Nene Adi Ade Nenu (I am That, That is me). Never forget your true identity. Tat Tvam Asi (That Thou Art) is the essence of Vedanta.

Do not encourage the imaginations that Swami appeared in my dream, Rama appeared in my dream etc. When you awaken your dream vanishes. It is sleep that causes the dream.

There is no God beyond Love. Love is the path and Love is the goal. If you have any doubts regarding this, ask Me and I will clarify. Eliminate all your imaginations. When you sit in meditation, never encourage any specific thoughts. Do not go for comforts. Only then will you experience Unity - Purity - Divinity! Once there is Unity within you, you will experience Unity even outside you.

At this point Swami sat down on the sofa. He sang the Bhajan, "Prema Mudita Mana Se Kaho..' and concluded His Discourse. It was 5.10 p.m.

Subsequently He asked Bhajan boys to start Bhajans. Half way through He went into the interview room with a group of VIP's. He came out at around 5.40 p.m. He took Aarti and retired to His Abode.


Lovingly consented by Anantha of Mumbai

Courtesy: Saibaba News

Friday, 22nd, Darshan Glimpses....

Sai Ram To All,


Humble pranams at the lotus feet of our Bhagavan. Experience the lord with out any expectations, He will bestow all the boons on the world....Isn't???

I happened to have a close darshan of Bhagavan on Dasami day, 22nd, Friday. the lotus eyed one, the one with a crown of hair, the one with a radiant smile ...oh...what a sweet lord !! Love, Pure Love, flowing around, pervading all over us, atom by atom of ours to cleanse us all from all the impurities that has been clinging  us through out these years .... the merciful lord always forgiving us over all our sins and trying to tell us what is right and what is not, in a very very sweet way...Oh...what a lord we have got..the human manifestation, the Avatar of the holy spirit, the embodiment of unconditional everlasting love...

Sai Gita came in to the Sai Kulwanth hall on the day of dasami. Happened to see our lord in a beautiful way. I could see our lord in between the lips of the elephant(view from the place of my row)...playing hide n seek with the devotees sitting in the same row...Swami got down His golf cart....and Behold, a scene of everlasting memory..If you captured it by your mortal eyes...a zephyr...a slow breeze flowed around Him..moving His hair back...oh what a view...Swami gave 3 apples by creating them on the spot miraculously (very very minute when compared to His great great miracles)...and fed the elephant with them..I could see Swami trying to put the apples deep inside the mouth of the elephant..for which it took its time, I hope playing with lord, Swami did held the apple until it eats, all the while patting its I wish i am the elephant there....atleast the cart, atleast the cloth He wears, atleast the sand under His feet...when will we attain the boons of sparshanam, sambhashanam!!! when will i atleast come in eye to eye contact with Him??? I pray God to give me the sweeping look not in my dreams alone,  but in person too.

That afternoon Swami blessed 2 students, Mr.Bharath kumar  and Mr.Sanjay Mahalingam to address the audience. they altogether said that He is everything, He knows our smallest of smallest needs also n so have complete faith in Bhagavan. Bhagavan gave His discourse which I suppose will be put on net soon...he ended the discourse with "Rama Rama Rama Seeta Rama Rama Ram".

They distributed prasad made of milk and nuts on the morning of the great day. they also distributed pulihora or tamarind rice and laddus before Gayathri Mata Temple (I recently read in a book that the naivedya offered to Durga mata on dasami day will be those...).

Hyderbad youth presented a wonderful skit on"lakshala-lakshyala" meaning..."lakhs or aims". Bhagavan took Aarthi and even went in to the golf cart to go back to His residence...but He got down again to see the play of the youth and is back sitting in His throne on the dais...what a love of much patience is required to stand and say the discourse while we swap our legs, stretch our legs and move that side and this side so impatiently, while he sits in His throne with out even moving much..also stands and delivers discourse for hours together...what all Sai does for us...yet we will never be as humble as expected all the times....

Let us chant the holy name of God....


Twameva Mathascha Pitha Twameva,
Twameva Bandhuscha Sakha Twameva,
Twameva Vidya Dravinam Twameva
Twameva Sarvam Mama Deva Deva

(He alone is the father and mother, friend and relation, wisdom and wealth to every individual).


Here goes the great great promise...


Just as you lean against the wall knowing that it will not collapse, lean on Me and depend on Me entirely. I will then look after you and take care everything for you…..if you depend upon Me with complete faith and
confidence, I shall provide for your welfare and look after all your needs in this world and in the next.

mee inta venta janta nenu vuntaanu - I will be with you all the moments....some how i would like to include these lines of Bhagavan....


You must have watched a bird sitting on a branch that is swaying in the wind. It is unafraid, because it places more confidence in its wings than on the branch. It knows that at any moment, it can take to its wings and leave that uncertain perch. The branch is Prakriti (world) and the wings are the Anugraha (grace) of the Lord. Rely upon the grace of the Lord and you will not come to any harm. But, if you trust Prakriti and rely entirely upon the protection it gives, you are likely to fall. 

Have a nice time ... all the while chanting our God's name always... 

Sai Ram

Sailaja Konakalla

Posted on 26.10.2004

Courtesy: Saibaba News

Day I

October 20, 2004.

Reached the Divine Abode by around 7:00 am and Bhagawan had not yet come out for Darshan. By His grace, went through the Gates, and seated in time for the Darshan.

Oh how wonderful a reception He gives. We got to sit right next to the edge of the block. Swami comes and gives the most casual look at us and then looks away and then in a kind of acknowledgement “Oh you guys have come”. We bow down to our Master in reply.

Swami comes in the open Golf Cart. We could see His Form from the right side. Beautiful is the Form. Feet have become so tiny and a bit fatter than previous versions.

After Darshan, and breakfast, we head to the Poornachandra Auditorium. Oh the yagna setting was so charging. We get a good seating upfront as there are not many come in yet. I recollected the experience of Dr. Meena Chintapalli, which she shared at the recent One Day Retreat. She mentioned that she could feel and see the Vedic Scripts floating in the air, as the chanting happened.

Our beloved Lord came in after a while, and He sat there looking at the rituals being completed for that day.

The Institute students are being prepared in HORDES in terms of Vedic Chanting.

Its amazing to see right from a primary school kid to a Postgraduate chanting ever so fluently and ONE VOICE was the best part. Although they are all singing in a group, you can hear only ONE VOICE.

After the Arathi was offered to Bhagawan, there is a series of verses which are chanted towards Peace.

MAN these priests have LUNGS !!!. As they went through the chants, they kept increasing the PITCH, and the final one was the FINAL one. At that point, there was no other SOUND ( internally ). It was the HIGHST POSSIBLE NOTE on the Harmonium.

And when they ended with a bang!!, there was absolute STUNNING SILENCE.

The effect was so much strong, that when the crowd was dispersing, there was PINDROP SILENCE. à Sound of Silence can work wonders. That was the morning of October 20, 2004.

Evening was as wonderful as the morning. There were 3 speakers ( 2 students and 1 professor ) Each spoke movingly of their experiences. One of the boys who spoke in Poetic Telugu, was blessed with a chain from Bhagawan.

Then Swami gave a discourse October 20, 2004. ( details of which can be found at the Sri Sathya Sai Books & Publication Trust website or click to the home page at the bottom of this page for the links)

Day II

October 21, 2004.

Morning Darshan was as charging as ever.

One thing I forgot to mention in the previous report, is that, if you come to Parthi now, until November 27, you will see a combination of Tempos and Tractor trailers full of GRAMA SEVA material.

That’s right, Swami has organized a Grama Seva activity for the institute students, from October 17 until November 27, 2004. Students have been asked to postpone their vacation plans ( which is usually in the current months ) to after Nov 27, 2004.

Every single day, Food, Sweet, and Clothes are taken out to the villages as a part of the Grama Seva Project covering a Radius of as much as 50 kms.

Each student has been given a T-Shirt, with a Institute Symbol on the front and Love All Serve All on the back. Students have been allotted alternate days to participate in the Grama Seva.

Its amazing to see tempos filled in the back with students and Professors sitting together, charged with the GOAL of Grama Seva.

Early Morning, 3 AM, Women’s campus students are there in the canteen, packing food packets / and / or making Laddoos.

Boy students in the meanwhile are loading the tractors with Clothes. By Darshan time, all the vehicles are loaded, and students are in the Kulwant hall for Darshan.

Once the Darshan and Bhajans are over, students get back to their vehicles, and are out with Loud Cries of Bhagawan Shri Sathya Sai Baba Ki Jai. Each vehicle has a local State Police trooper sitting along with the students. All the vehicles are equipped with the walkie talkies and maps to that day’s location.


Coming to the Day’s proceedings, again after Darshan, and Breakfast, we head to the Poornachandra Audtorium, and as usual, its Bliss time with the Chantings.

There were 3 speakers from the Anantpur Campus ( one student and 2 professors )

Then Swami gave His Discourse. Actually yesterday October 20, Swami had mentioned that He would speak on Vedanta tomorrow i.e. October 21st.

People were eager to listen to Him, and sure enough Swami played His Uncertainty Card.

Salients Points of His Discourse :

“Students, I want You to know what I do in my Daily Routine.

I get up 4 times throughout the Night.

I get up at 12:00, brush my teeth thoroughly. With a tongue cleaner, CLEAN all sides of the tongue. Then go back to sleep.

Then get up at 1:30 and then brush my teeth and clean my tongue properly on all sides. Then go back to Sleep.

Then get up at 3:00 and BRUSH my teeth and CLEAN my TONGUE, and then go back to sleep.

Then again I get up at 4:00 a.m. and then AGAIN BRUSH my teeth, and AGAIN CLEAN my tongue on all sides.

Although this discomforts the boys attending on Me, but I do this, just so that I take care of no Bad Breath, No Bad Mouth Germs. You should also take care of your mouth. Especially when you are going to meet people and talk to them.

Recently one of the devotees, whom I had called for interview, came in with a foul stench of freshly smoked cigarette. I sent him out, and asked him to return after rinsing his mouth.”

Posted in 26.10.2004

Lovingly shared by Sathya J


This morning, we completed the Grama Seva in Kothacheruvu Mandal too. Tomorrow onwards we will be covering Bukkapatnam Mandal villages.

In the evening, Swami came out at 3.15 p.m. Singers from Vizag made a presentation. Wonderful songs were presented. Lovely, well coordinated voices - only men. Melodious tunes and striking lyrics made the evening a very memorable one for all of us. It went on from 3.30 p.m. till 4.30 p.m.

Then Bhagawan asked Bhajan boys to start Bhajans. They too sang very nice Bhajans. Special selections, including those sung often by Swami. Weather too was very soothing. Cool air blowing. Swami got up and went into the interview room with a group of devotees. The Bhajans went on. He came out around 5.00 p.m. and again sat down on the sofa. The Bhajans went on until 5.20 p.m. Swami was also enjoying the Bhajans keeping beat with His hand. At 5.20 p.m., Swami took Aarti and retired for the day.


Lovingly consented by Anantha of Mumbai

Courtesy: Saibaba News


This morning, we all assembled in the Sai Kulwant Hall. Swami sat on  the dais until 8.00 a.m. after which we all proceeded to the Poornachandra Hall for the Yajnam Poornahuti. Meanwhile, Swami distributed gorgeous silver bowls and silver glasses to all the core Vedam group students and teachers. These were the same momentoes that Swami also distributed to the Vedic Pundits later. What a privilege!!

Poornahuti was conducted in a very simple way. By the time we all assembled inside the hall, the Poornahuti was already over. It was  just 8.20 a.m. Of course, Swami sat on the specially designed low chair, in front of the sacred fire for quite some time, blessing all the Pundits and completing the formalities of the Poornahuti. 

Subsequently, some of us proceeded for the Seva. Grama Seva was  within the Ashram as usual. Prasadam, Ladoos and clothes were distributed to all the residents of the Ashram. Anantapur sisters carried out the distribution with some support by our boys and staff.  

In the evening, Swami came out very early, at around 3.00 p.m. First we had two speakers sharing their thoughts with us. The first one was Sri Bharath a student of the II MBA class followed by Sri Sanjay Mahalingam, a Research Scholar in the School of Business Management.

At 3.35 p.m. Bhagawan commenced His Divine Discourse. The highlights follow:

Many feel that Iswara is a special Form with a mop of hair -  interlocked, decked with snakes all around the body! This is not so. Though in reality, God is present everywhere; to satisfy the concept of the devotee, He comes down with a Form that suits the taste of the devotee!

Bharath is a great Nation. There is a weakness among Bharatiyas to  consider worship of idols as a form of begging. It you correctly analyze, you will find that there are no beggars in Bharath. It is only a mental weakness to consider the other person as inferior. Because of this temperament, foreigners consider those who approach them for money as beggars. This is not true.

Considering Bharatiyas as weak is a psychological weakness. This is a  big mistake. We portray ourselves as beggars though we are not. Merely asking for food or money does not make one a beggar. All should be convinced that there are no beggars in Bharath. Some even go to the extent of considering God as a beggar! This is a great weakness. Man praises God saying that, "If you fulfill my wishes, then you are great and noble!"

People created by God cannot be poor. We consider them as poor, take  them close to us and keep giving them money. This bad habit of begging should be slowly given up. Never consider God as a beggar. God is your own Father!! Develop Love for God and for the whole humanity. Love all those who suffer and are in pain. Develop Love for God and fear of sin. Never consider anybody as helpless and do not humiliate them.

When we practice this Atmic principle, God will surely materialize  before us! All are brothers and sisters. It is a mistake to consider that we serve others and feed others.

We also have these businessmen! They bribe others and get work done. There are others who accept these bribes. This is a sin! One who begs  and one who encourages this begging - both are wrong.

In reality all are One! You may serve food to the needy and make them happy but never look down upon them. Just because they plead for some food, do not tag them as beggars. And just because you serve them some food you do not become great or superior. Serve food and satiate the hunger of the needy but never insult and humiliate.

The glory of Bharath is lost as we encourage begging. If Bharath were  to be truly poor, why did so many foreigners invade Bharath and steal away all Her riches? Bharath is a rich nation and She is not poor. This feeling of poverty is born out of comparison!

If you find somebody begging, you must advise them, "You are not a  beggar. I am not a rich man. It so happens that at this moment in time, you do not have money. That is all." We must uphold the pride of Bharath. Declare proudly, "Bharath is my Motherland. She is a  Glorious Country!" Bharath has been a Teacher for all other nations.

Yesterday the women discussed the Upanishads at length. Bharath has  been extolled at all times. Considering your country as so great, you cannot behave in a cheap and low way. You must have the feeling that Bharath is my Mother and my Mother is very rich. The sweetest feeling is that towards the Mother!

We must treat our Motherland with all dignity and honour! Bharath is  the treasure house of all epics, scriptures and sacred texts! The physical mother may be poor but the Motherland can never be poor!  Bharath is the highest among all the nations! The morality and integrity in this country can never be seen anywhere else in this world!

When you have gold with you, why settle for copper and other cheap  metals? Educated people must decide to make this country a golden country. But educated people are unable to understand this. They encourage begging by giving money. When you find somebody begging, ask them, "Do you want clothes?" Give them clothes, give them food, and give them in kind. But do not make it a habit.

Accepting and giving bribe is a sin. The government must also be  cautioned about this. Is the government here to encourage begging? Even when we go to a temple, the priest expects money, Chhi- Chhi..This is very bad; One must never accept such Bhiksha. One should stand on one's own legs. All cannot be equal in this world. Therefore, certainly love those who are under privileged.

If you come across a beggar, you must explain to him, "O man, you are  a son of Bharath. You are not a beggar. If you beg, you will bring down the honour of this nation." You are born to keep up the prestige of your country. Never shed a tear and bring down the honour of your country. Be ready to even give up your life for the Motherland!

Whatever we have in this world must be shared by all. Never give way  to the feeling that we are superior. Foster a sense of sacrifice. Then alone can you become great. People give talks on sacrifice but are not ready to part with even one rupee! Today, there is no unity of thought, word and deed.

Today, it is these beggars who are responsible for the downfall of  the Nation. And it is the educated people who have created these beggars in the first place.

The son of Bharath must be ever ready to sacrifice. Today Bharath stands at the top of all countries only because of Her sense of sacrifice! So many Mothers, Fathers and Sons have sacrificed for this country! There can be no greater sacrifice than that for the nation.

Talk lovingly. Mere charity is not great. Consider everyone as  yourself. Sacrifice selfishness. Love all. No one is separate. With Love you can win anybody!

True education lies in developing Love for God and removing the  suffering of the people. Students do not consider others as low, as beggars or as poor people. Serve them with Love. Your feelings may be poor but there is no poverty at all in this nation! O Bhara-theeyas, you must be sweet.(O Bharathiyulara Meeru Theeyaga Undali)!!

Students, what all you have learned today, you must practice from  tomorrow. Be smiling when you serve. Do not put on a castor oil face. Never consider anybody as low. Move together, cooperate and make everybody happy. Then there will be "Nitya Kalyanam Pachha Toranam"  (Auspiciousness and festivity everyday)!!

Bhagawan concluded His Discourse with this note and sat down on the sofa. The mike was held on the arm of the sofa and Swami sang the Bhajan, "Ram Ram Ram Seeta.". All joined in full swing!

Meanwhile, the Hyderabad youth were ready for presenting their programme, for which Bhagawan had granted permission in the morning. In fact, three days before, they had come to Kulwant Hall with all preparations and costumes, expecting Swami to give a green signal. That did not materialize. Even today, Swami started Bhajans after His Discourse. Bhagawan concluded His discourse at 4.40 p.m. and Bhajans went on till 5.35 p.m.

The Hyderabad youth were crest-fallen. They were truly anxious.  Chances for presenting their programme were nil and many of them had  tickets for the evening train and hence had no choice but to leave.  Yet, maybe there was just one last chance. That ray of hope too vanished when Swami got up and took Aarti and proceeded towards the Golf Cart parked near the interview room. Just as Swami was about to board the Golf Cart, He looked at the organizers and asked them about the programme!!

These are the mysterious ways of the Lord. He immediately gave a  green signal. Prof. Anil Kumar made an announcement. The youth rushed making their arrangements with ecstacy!! The backdrops were brought in. Music instruments were rushed in just like rushing a patient into the ICU. Within ten minutes all was ready and to the delight of all, Swami walked back towards the sofa. He took His seat and the programme began.

The drama was titled, "Lakshala (or) Lakshyalla" (Money vis-à-vis  Ideals). It started at 5.35 p.m. and went on till 6.15 p.m. A very, very good drama. It highlighted the true ideals of life, stressed on service to society and the role of youth in the same. It had wonderful dances, songs, very good dialogues and music!! Towards the end, they raised the tempo so well with dance and music and all possible masala - like crackers, colour strips showers, foam etc.. It was a wonderful climax!! All were so struck that there was a loud applause. Bhagawan got up and gave all of them photos. By 6.30 p.m.  Swami retired to the Poornachandra Auditorium.

Lovingly consented by Anantha of Mumbai

Courtesy: Saibaba News


Sairam. On the 22nd Swami did not give any Discourse. We just had two programmes from the Ladies group. The first one was a panel discussion by the faculty members of Anantapur Campus and the Primary School of Prasanthinilayam Campus. The theme was "Upanishadic Messages in the light of Bhagawan's Discourses". It was indeed a very  informative and thought provoking panel discussion. Surely, a lot of R&D must have been done to collect so much of information and present it so comprehensively.

After the panel discussion, there was a Carnatic music recital by the  famous Carnatic music singer, Ms. Anuradha Krishnamurthy, a winner of the D.K. Pattamal Award, well renowned all over, having presented programmes in several countries. She sang a number of Tyagaraja Kritis, a Sai Bhajan. After her presentation, Swami blessed her with a grand silk sari. Then He called all the members of the panel discussion and also Blessed them with grand silk saris!

Lovingly consented by Anantha of Mumbai

Courtesy: Saibaba News


Avatar Declaration Day

Today is a very significant day for the entire humanity, for today was the day, 64 years back that Bhagawan declared to His physical family members, "My Devotees are waiting for Me, I am going to them. I have no connections with you...". Yes, today is the Avataar Declaration Day!

This morning, we have almost completed doing Grama Seva in the Puttaparthi Mandal. Tomorrow onwards we will be covering the Kothacheruvu Mandal (adjoining Puttaparthi).

This morning, Bhagawan came for Darshan at the usual time. As He came onto the dais, He walked from one end to the other watching the boys  and pointed at one or two who were not chanting Vedam. Today one could perceptibly make out the raise in volume of Vedam chanting. All were chanting full-throated - in response to yesterday's Discourse! The Convoy of vehicles left for the Grama Seva at 8.05 a.m. with Bhagawan's permission.

In the evening, Swami came out by 3.35 p.m. As usual there were three talks. The first one in Telugu by a student of the II M.A. class named Ranganatha Raju, an expert orator. Telugu prose and poetry just flows from his lips as water in the river. He gave a fantastic talk, which received thunderous applause every now and then. At the end Bhagawan too joined in by Blessing him with a golden chain!! The second speaker was Sri Ravi Mariwalla, an alumnus of the Institute (MBA student) who currently works in the Super Specialty Hospital in Parthi - in the Cardiology Department. The last speaker was Prof. V.E. Ramamoorthy, a faculty in the School of Business Management, Accounting & Finance.

At 4.55 p.m. Bhagawan commenced His Divine Discourse. The highlights are as follows:

A Bharatiya does not necessarily mean an inhabitant of India alone. The culture of Bharath is like the Mother and the sacred land is like the Father. Anyone who has full faith in the Bharatiya culture and in the sacred land is a Bharatiya. This sacred land is the birthplace of many a seers and sages who have shown us the path to Divinity.

The one who is held in high esteem and who spread the Bharatiya  culture to the nook and corner of this land is Adi Sankara. He preached Non-dualism in a variety of ways. Then came Ramanuja who propagated the twin principles of devotion and steadfastness. Subsequently came Madhavacharya who stood for the principle of Dvaita (Duality), considering the fickle mind that cannot comprehend the reality all at once.

The Non-dualism of Adi Sankara, the qualified Non-dualism of Ramanuja  and the Dualism of Madhavacharya are all one and the same. The common aspect in all is the Atma Tatvamu.

Sankara gave the example of the thread and the cloth. He said that the thread is one but the cloth woven from it may appear different  and may be utilized by different people in different ways. Cows are many but milk is one, jewels are many but gold is one. Adi Sankara started enquiry into the truth of life at an early age and completed his mission in 32 years. Ramanuja followed in his path. He talked about the object and the reflection and the relationship between them. He said that without thread you cannot have the cloth, without gold you cannot have the jewels. But gold is one, thread is one. All of them understood that Truth!!

Sankara picked up a jewel and called it gold. Ramanuja identified it  as a chain based on the form, though in essence he agreed that it is gold. Sankara said, "Ekam Eva Advitiya Brahma". But Ramanuja stressed on the object and reflection relationship.

Another example is of sugarcane juice. We make so many sweets with  this juice. The forms of the sweets may be many, but the juice is one. This is what Sankara believed in. But Ramanuja put it in another way saying that the juice is definitely one but the sweets have different forms!! Since then, until today, there goes on endless arguments regarding these aspects!!

Modern students dismiss all this as mere hypothesis. Brahma Satyam  Jagath Mithya. Ekatma Sarva Bhootantaratma. Isavasyam Idagam Sarvam. Rain is one, the water that flows is one, the sand on which it flows is one. Sand is also Brahman. Whatever you see in this world is Divine! But now let us consider this argument. Here is a man, there is an animal. Can they be one? YES. But their behaviour is different. The difference is based on life pattern and life style. But the essence is ONE! Do not give scope for any difference.

This is a white kerchief (pointing to His kerchief) and this is an  orange robe (pointing to His robe). Colour is different but the cloth is the same. Only the usage may differ. The fundamental basis is the same!! When we go by the fundamental unity, there will be no differences. A boy, a youth, a man and an old person are all basically a human being. We go by the name and the form, forgetting the primordial unity.

Adi Sankara composed the song, "Bhaja Govindam.". (Swami sang the  song). When the end is near, all your scholarship will not come to your rescue. "Punarapi Jananam Punarapi Maranam.". What is it that is born and what is it that dies? It is the body only. The body is active because of the life force. Once the life force leaves the body, the body becomes inert. Birth and death apply to the body and not to the spirit.

Once the son of a great philosopher was chanting the Vedas. His  mother died at the age of 40. The boy felt very sad. He cried out, "O Mother why have you left me and gone?" Then the Guru came to him and  asked him, "Why are you crying my boy?" The boy replied that he was crying because his mother had left him. The Guru replied, "You mother has left you? Are you crying for the body of your mother? In that case the body is very much here. Why do you cry? The body has not left you. Then are you crying for the life force that vitalized the  body? That life force has no death. Why do you cry then?" It is the life principle, which is truly our Father and our Mother.

The Vedantic Wisdom is so simple, but people complicate it with  jugglery of words. Students, we take Vedanta in a very light way, narrow way and dismiss it. No. Vedanta is very Grand! No explanation is adequate to describe it. Understand it's meaning and know it's reality.

Ayam Atma Brahma means "I am Atma and I am Brahma". If you are asked  who you are, do not say, "I am Anil Kumar". You must respond, "I am  I, I am I". Keep on telling this to yourself, any length of time. The Truth remains the same. Brahma Tatva is one. `I' in all is only ONE. It is only when you consider others as separate that all the problems arise. I am a boy, I am a youth, I am a man, all these depend on age. After death what happens? We do not know. Never give up this basic `I'. If anyone asks who you are, say `I am I'. If they cannot understand, do not bother about them. You should be clear about it, that is enough. Tomorrow, I will speak about the other aspects of Vedanta.

I did declare on the 20th of October, "Know that I am Sai, Do not  have any attachments..(Swami spoke the entire verse in Telugu)". We consider this day - the 20th of October as a big event and we celebrate it. Once, Rukmini invited Lord Krishna on His birthday. At this Satyabhama got angry and said, "For you it may be the birthday but for me it is the wedding day". Such an argument went on. However, Lord Krishna is beyond all this. Do not observe these differences. Understand that God is ONE and beyond all these events.

Bhagawan concluded His Discourse with the song, "Bhaja Govindam Bhaja Govindam.." All devotees joined in a loud voice and after the  singing, Swami sat down on the sofa. He indicated the Vedam group to start chanting. They began chanting Narayana Suktam. After a few lines of chanting, Bhagawan beckoned the Pujari to give the Aarti. The Aarti song merged with the Vedic chant even as the chant faded away, thus bringing the auspicious day to a memorable close.


Lovingly consented by Anantha of Mumbai

Courtesy: saidevotees_worlnet